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Photo via Every Frame a Painting/YouTube

It makes perfect sense.

Marvel has made billions on the movies that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while that may eclipse other successful franchises, they’ve all got something that Marvel doesn’t—and once you hear it, it makes all the difference.

In a new video, the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting demonstrates just how forgettable the music that appears in Marvel movies is. For one, the people asked by the host in the beginning can’t name or hum any particular song. But as the host explains, the blandness of Marvel’s music is a symptom of a number of things: a cultural trend of making sure music isn’t noticed in film and composers basically reusing themes and motifs so that everything sounds similar. And when music doesn’t challenge us and evoke emotion, it doesn’t stick with us.

It’s a fascinating analysis, but when you look back at the Marvel films it makes a lot of sense. We’ll be sure to pay special attention to the music from Doctor Strange, although we can’t guarantee that we’ll remember it.

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