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The new line of Marvel and DC business suits are here—and they’re pretty amazing

This gives a whole new meaning to ‘super suits.’


Lisa Granshaw


A new line of Marvel and DC Comics business suits are here—and they’re even better than expected. teased its exclusive line of superhero-inspired suits in August, showing off sleek designs that subtly incorporate nods to fans’ favorite comics. But when the site revealed the full line of suits on Wednesday, it became clear that it offers much, much more. 

The collection includes 14 suits, six of which are of the subtle variety with comic book print on the interiors, ties, and pocket squares. Five of the suits display their inspiration much more obviously, almost like a hybrid of business attire and cosplay. The Superman suit, for example, interprets his costume on the jacket and pants and features the hero’s familiar symbol on the shirt. These suits are bright and fun, but harder to imagine in the workplace or at an event than their subtler counterparts. 

The rest of the line offers adorable pint-sized suit options for kids. 

The kids’ Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron Man suits also have the more subtle comic appearance.

It’s an impressive line of suits that does a good job providing options to satisfy different fans. The whole line is available for preorder now with prices set at $169.99 for kids and $249.99 for adults. The more elaborate Joker suit is priced at $349.99.

These prices will increase to $199.99 for kids, $299.00 for adults, and $399.99 for the Joker when the preorder period ends. The suits are still expected to ship in November.

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