Mark Hamill tweets first behind-the-scenes photo ever taken of Luke Skywalker, and it’s remarkable

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Almost 41 years to the day that Star Wars began shooting, Mark Hamill showed exactly what his mood was as the life-changing movie began ramping up production.

A little unsure of what was to come, but apparently, confident that Star Wars would ultimately take off for moviegoers.

On Saturday, Hamill tweeted out what he said might have been the very first photo ever taken of Luke Skywalker.

Asked by a Twitter user what he could have possibly been thinking on that day, Hamill said he was a mix of naivete and optimism.


As the Nerdist notes, the photo was snapped March 22, 1976 and featured actors in Jawa costumes in the background. Writes the Nerdist: “This makes sense, since among the scenes planned for day one of production include Luke and his Uncle Owen buying R2-D2 and C-3PO at auction from the nomadic desert scavengers.”

No matter how much Hamill was optimistic on that day, though, there’s almost no chance he ever believed Star Wars would become the biggest movie franchise of all time. And that he would be one of the most iconic film figures in history.

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