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The force feels something like 526 horsepower. 

Because TIE fighters and light speed were just too fast for the Galactic Empire’s liking, the good folks over at Hot Wheels have joined the dark side to create a car modeled after the legendary Sith Lord himeslf. With design inspirations drawn from Vader’s iconic helmet, the Darth car features “an LS3 engine, 526 horsepower, custom red line tires and heavy breathing sounds.”

So if you’re into asthmatic Knight Rider look-a-likes, this one’s for you.

The Hot Wheels Star Wars collaboration is sure to cash in on the fan frenzy that’s surrounded the recent leak of vehicle pics from the set of Episode VII. But all in all, the Darth Vader car ends up looking more like a rejected Batmobile concept from the franchise’s Tim Burton era. 

The vehicle, announced Tuesday in a YouTube video, is scheduled to be unveiled in person on Wednesday during San Diego Comic-Con, where Hot Wheels will give convention goers a glimpse at other Star Wars character-inspired vehicles. Here’s hoping Jar Jar Binks gets his own convertible. 

H/T Reddit | Photo via jdhancock/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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