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Step through the looking glass with Hot Topic’s latest fashion line

Bring the style of Wonderland to your closet.


Lisa Granshaw


Just weeks after wowing geek fashionistas with a new Star Wars collection, Hot Topic is inviting fans to journey to Wonderland with its latest fashion line. The limited-edition collection is inspired by the upcoming Disney film Alice Through the Looking Glass, with designs specifically focused on Alice, the Red Queen, and the Mad Hatter.

The eight-piece collection includes dresses, vests, jackets, and a coat. The details on each are impressive, from the foiled heart Jacquard on the Red Queen heart dress to the brocade detailing on the purple satin Alice adventure dress. Aside from the jackets, these items might be hard to wear during your everyday activities, but they would certainly make a statement for a special occasion or convention. In addition to the eight pieces, the online lookbook also includes a fantastic Mad Hatter hat for anyone who wants to use the collection to cosplay as this version of the classic character. The number of items for men in this fashion line sets it apart from its predecessors.

“We are more than excited that, for the first time ever, we have three pieces especially for our guy customer—you asked for it and here they are!” Cindy Levitt, Hot Topic’s SVP of merchandising and marketing, said in a statement.

Red Queen heart dress - $79.50

Red Queen heart dress – $79.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Mad Hatter lined green jacket - $79.50

Mad Hatter lined green jacket – $79.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Considering the detailing on these items, it’s not surprising that the line is on the expensive side, with prices ranging from $54.50 to $89.50. Those prizes increase for plus sizes for women, which are available online and in select stores. Sizes from XS to 2X are also available in select stores and on the website with 3X available online as well.

The collection is a fun addition to Hot Topic’s growing range of inspired by lines and will surely pique the interest of diehard and casual Alice in Wonderland fans alike. You might need to save up to afford it, but just imagine how these items would look with some matching shoes!

The line is currently available for preorder on Hot Topic’s website and will become available May 17, ahead of the movie’s premiere on May 27. You can see images of the rest of the line below.

Alice adventure dress - $64.50

Alice adventure dress – $64.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Mad Hatter vest - $59.50

Mad Hatter vest – $59.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Mad Hatter military vest - $54.50

Mad Hatter military vest – $54.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Alice tea party dress - $59.50

Alice tea party dress – $59.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Red Queen battle coat - $89.50

Red Queen battle coat – $89.50

Photo via Hot Topic

Mad Hatter lined black jacket - $79.50

Mad Hatter lined black jacket – $79.50

Photo via Hot Topic

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