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‘Hamilton’ closes out season with amazing genderbent pre-show performance

Fanartists are already capturing the moment.


Aja Romano


Starting Tuesday, the famed Hamilton ticket lottery pre-show #Ham4Ham will be moving indoors. The day-of lottery itself will be transferring to digital for the winter, while creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has promised to take the #Ham4Ham performances backstage as the crew regroups and gears up for their spring shows-before-the-show.

Miranda also hinted that the #Ham4Ham pre-shows would also be a part of the show’s highly anticipated upcoming Chicago production. The New York lottery should return to the street once more in the spring. In the meantime, New Yorkers can battle to enter the online lottery daily, starting Tuesday at 9:30am. 

In true Hamilton form, the popular #Ham4Ham pre-show didn’t go quietly into the winter night. On Sunday, the Hamilton ensemble cast gave fans assembled for the lottery what was arguably the biggest pre-show ever: a genderswapped performance of the showstopping number “My Shot” featuring members of the female ensemble playing the main roles of their male counterparts. 

The backstage rehearsal was just as exciting:

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Fans were so excited by this ebullient performance that #Ham4Ham has been a Tumblr trend throughout the day: 

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The joyous number has spawned an outpouring of genderbent and girl-centric fanart from Hamilton fans on Tumblr and Twitter.

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Morgan Marcell, an ensemble understudy who rapped the part of Alexander Hamilton during the number, made her own special impact on fans:

While it may be a few months before we see the cast on the curb of 46th Street again, at least we can rest assured that the Hamilton fandom will continue to bring the show to the Internet.

Illustration by macaroon22/Tumblr

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