Tokyo’s Godzilla hotel is almost open

Why bother with a trip to Tokyo unless you get to see Godzilla while you’re there?

Well, thanks to the Hotel Gracery, you can get a look at the scaly movie megastar without even leaving your hotel room. On April 24 the hotel will open with a few special rooms that look out onto the massive head of the King of Monsters. Who doesn’t love waking up to a toothy grin from a towering, radioactive lizard in the morning?

The hotel is located above the Toho cinema in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Toho is, of course, the studio that invented Godzilla back in 1954 and went on to create 27 more movies in the franchise. While the Japanese audiences were lukewarm about Godzilla’s initial reign of destruction (a kind of allegory for the nuclear bombings of Japan during World War II), the beast eventually won over audiences in Japan and around the world. The man-in-a-monster-suit aesthetics of the films, silly plotlines, and hoards of monstrous friends and enemies like Mothra and Rodan are hard not to love.

While the hotel has a limited number of Godzilla-view rooms, there’s also an observation deck that looks out onto the giant lizard head. A special Godzilla-themed room, complete with movie memorabilia and Godzilla decor, is available for a premium price, but regular rooms are going for a more reasonable $125 a night.

Maybe the hotel will decide it needs a Mechagodzilla too, so we can see the two titans battle it out on the rooftops. Hey, we can dream—hopefully while being leered at by a giant lizard in Tokyo.

H/T Yahoo News | Photo via sebastiandooris/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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