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After an investor with deep pockets came knocking, developer Tiny Bird did the right thing.

Jet-Getters, a bright and colorful multiplayer game in which you jump out of jets to hijack other jets has cancelled their Kickstarter—for the best reason possible.

Developer Tiny Build announced earlier today that although it had reached its $50,000 goal, it no longer had any need for the money thanks to a new investor with deep pockets.

Rather than keep the Kickstarter funds as icing-on-the cake for a great idea, Tiny Build is giving everything back. There has never been an instance of this happening before on Kickstarter. It does show good faith for developer tiny Build for not exploiting the Kickstarter system.

In March, Oculus Rift, another successfully funded Kickstarter was purchased by Facebook for a whopping $2 billion. Many of those early donors were furious over the buyout, after essentially providing angel investment in a company and then never getting a payout—or even a refund.

As a gesture of good faith, Tiny Build is giving each backer, no matter how much they donated, free downloads to all seven of Tiny Build’s games, three of which have already been released.

As of now, Jet-Getters is scheduled for a 2015 release on Steam for Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as the indie (and crowdfunded) Ouya console.

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