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Disney’s wintry wonderland goes astral in the hands of one clever new age fanartist.

Laura Freeman must have been inspired by the magnificent northern lights in Frozen‘s opening scene to look heavenward. The DeviantARTist and Disney fan has taken Elsa’s wintry wonderland and gone astral with a charming set of tarot cards and zodiac images.

You don’t have to know anything about astrology or tarotology to enjoy these awesome mashups. All you need to know is that Elsa looks great with crab claws.

No, really, check it out:

Illustration by Laura Freeman via deviantART

Apparently Elsa is a Cancer: home-bound, affectionate, but terribly brusque and introverted. Oh, yeah, and cold.

Naturally her sibling Anna, currently enjoying her very own week of celebration in her honor, is a bright and sunny contrast as a Libra:

Illustration by Laura Freeman/deviantART

I couldn’t make up my mind which sun sign fit her best, but I think I’m pretty happy with her as a Libra,” Freeman wrote when she debuted Anna, adding, “but I bet she has a fire sign somewhere prominent in her chart!”

The Internet tells us that Libras are cheerful and laidback, and of course, well-balanced. Yep. Sounds like Anna to us!

Freeman has also done Zodiac cards for Hans and Kristoff and even Sven and Olaf. But she didn’t stop there. Take a gander at some of the wonderful tarot cards she designed for the film:

Illustration by Laura Freeman/deviantART

Illustration by Laura Freeman/deviantART

Illustration by Laura Freeman/deviantART

The Byzantine influence of Freeman’s art style works remarkably well with these images. But what we like most is how well everything fits together. It all makes sense! And the choice to make Olaf the snowman into a water-loving Pisces? Inspired, friends.

Check out all of Freeman’s art, including the rest of the Frozen tarot and zodiac, along with equally fabulous Harry Potter tarot, on her deviantART gallery.

Illustration by Laura Freeman/deviantART

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