emerald city

Photo via Emerald City/Facebook


Are you ready for a gritty reboot of The Wizard of Oz? We hope so, because the trailer for NBC’s Emerald City is here, and it looks pretty cool.

Bringing Dorothy Gale to the present day (and aging her up to an adult), Emerald City falls somewhere between Game of Thrones and the more colorful fantasy world of Once Upon a Time.

To give you an idea of the grittyness level, the scarecrow is a man who was strung up on a cross by the roadside while covered in straw, but the overall tone is pretty campy, with luxurious production design and Vincent D’Onofrio playing a fantasy king.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/NBCEmeraldCity/videos/10157739295030433/ video embed.]

The first 10-episode season begins in on Jan. 6.

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