Marvel at all 707 classic ‘Doctor Who’ episodes playing simultaneously

Doctor Who is universally recognized as one of the great enduring television shows of our era—but with more than 80 episodes spread out over 50 years, getting into it for the first time can be a seriously daunting prospect. 

A new YouTube video promises to make the challenge far more manageable—by showing all 707 classic Doctor Who episodes simultaneously.

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The footage includes 135 William Hartnell episodes, 119 for Patrick Troughton, 128 for Jon Pertwee, as well as the complete catalogues of Tom Baker (178), Peter Davison (71), Colin Baker (31) and Sylvester McCoy (42)—plus Peter Cushing’s 2 films and Paul McGann’s 1.

If you’re still craving ultra-high-volume television after that, then peruse some of Omni Verse’s other videos, which include all 140 Futurama episodes simultaneously, all 192 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes, and every Simpsons episode at the same time—554 all in all. 

Photo via Rept0n1x/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) | Screengrab via Omni Verse/YouTube | Remix by Rob Price

Rob Price

Rob Price

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