Deadpool’s Australia Day message about ‘Wolverine’ is delightfully self-referential

It seems like Deadpool still isn’t over his last film appearance.

In the film’s latest ingenious marketing push, the Merc with a Mouth wishes everyone a Happy Australia Day. He loves Australia for its shady criminal background, affinity for blackout drinking, and condescension towards New Zealand, but he can’t forgive the country that essentially gave us Wolverine.

He’s not talking about Wolverine the character, or Hugh Jackman, the actor who has portrayed him for nearly two decades. No, he’s talking about Deadpool’s appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine—the much-maligned film in which Deadpool had his mouth sewn shut.

“But the movie, that was a career low for me,” he said. “You understand.”

We certainly do. But considering that Deadpool‘s first trailer mocks Ryan Reynolds‘s other superhero career low, Green Lantern, it doesn’t surprise us either.

Screengrab via 20thCenturyFoxFilm/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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