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Classic 16-bit Disney games are back

The games include commemorative 16-bit posters to boot.


April Siese


The retro gaming revival just keeps getting better. Disney has re-released three classic 16-bit games, revamping them for a new generation at a steal of a price.

“Relive the retro!” proclaims the YouTube video featuring the Lion King, Aladdin, and the Jungle Book games. All three are on sale at starting at $8.99 each or bundled for $19.99 from now until Sunday. Each game comes with a commemorative 16-bit poster.

The Lion KingAladdin, and the Jungle Book are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The games are DRM-free and can be played without an internet connection. And, unlike other retro resurgences, no emulator is required to immerse yourself in the glory of these early ’90s classics.

If anything, their adaptation to newer machines have made the games more visually satisfying. Each game’s widescreen border includes artwork from its respective game.

If only the movies’ ’90s merchandise tie-ins were also being revived. Here’s hoping the next time you fire up the Lion King, you can do so with a heaping bowl of “Mud & Bugs” cereal.

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