Leonardo DiCaprio is making a live-action ‘Captain Planet’ movie

leonardo dicaprio

Photo via LallaBLove/Wikimedia

Are we ready for a Captain Planet to be a ‘washed-up has-been’?

Leonardo DiCaprio has found a way to combine two of his greatest passions: making blockbuster movies and tackling climate change.

DiCaprio’s production company is teaming up with Paramount to make a live-action Captain Planet movie, based on the ’90s animated series about a group of teens and a superhero who battle environmental disasters.

To jog your memory, this is what Captain Planet and the Planeteers looked like in its heyday. We’re guessing the live-action movie will take a more serious tone, as the Hollywood Reporter describes a story idea where Captain Planet is characterized as a “washed-up has-been.”

Captain Planet doesn’t really have the nostalgia factor of Transformers or even Voltron, but it feels a lot more culturally relevant for 2016. It could be refreshing to see a superhero tackle a problem like climate change, instead of battling yet another alien supervillain.

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