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‘Call of Duty’ troll eliminates opponents in the most embarrassing way

Pro tip: Don’t run out of open windows, in Call of Duty or real life.


Mike Fenn


Pro tip: if you’re challenged to an up-close knife fight in Call of Duty, it’s probably a wise idea to not rush toward your opponent who’s currently standing in front of an open window. This particular pro tip also applies to real-life knife fights, for what it’s worth.

The YouTube channel videogames, which is well-known for pranks, such as tricking fellow players to say “Xbox Sign Out” during gameplay, is back with an all new game-interrupting tactic. This time, the battlefield is Call of Duty. While most CoD players are used to dying by bullets or explosions, sneaky troll “ImSuda” has figured out a way to take out the enemy without pulling a trigger: precariously luring them to ledges, then backing away at the last second and watching them rush forward to their deaths.

Fellow players with murder in their eyes are led off the sides of ships, buildings, and even into a hole in the ice.

If ImSuda gets really good at this maneuver, perhaps he will be hired to create a new batch of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

H/T Kotaku / Image via videogames/YouTube

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