Watch show opening for ‘Big Hero 6’ the series

Have you been feeling Baymax withdrawal? Yeah, us too.

Fortunately Disney XD will debut a new series this fall taking place immediately following the events of its 2014 film Big Hero 6. You can see the show’s opening animation in the video below.

Big Hero 6 The Series will pick up right where the movie left off, with Hiro headed to study at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The main voice cast will return to reprise their roles as Hiro, Baymax, and their friends as they traverse the complications of academic life. Off campus, they must work together to protect the city from the scientifically enhanced villains that threaten it.

The art style, a fusion between those of Ben 10 and Young Justice, adapts the playful Disney style of the movie into a slightly more mature design for the series. The premiere will hit screens this fall, which gives us plenty of time to re-watch the movie one (or a dozen) times before it arrives.

Nahila Bonfiglio

Nahila Bonfiglio

Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming. Her work has also appeared on KUT's Texas Standard (Austin), KPAC-FM (San Antonio), and the Daily Texan.