Here’s your first look at the dub for ‘Attack on Titan: Junior High’

The Attack on Titan: Junior High anime just keeps getting weirder. Or do we mean more awesome? At this point we aren’t sure there’s a difference.

Funimation has released a preview of the dubbed version of the anime based on that other anime based on the bestselling manga, featuring a classroom introduction scene where we meet most of our favorites—including a very intense pre-teen Eren Yeager. 

The fun part of this is that all the characters are basically exactly the same as they are in the original series—just with classrooms and desks around instead of 19th-century battle rigs and endless misery. All in all, as junior high AU (Alternate Universe) fanfics go, this one’s not bad!

Attack on Titan: Junior High debuted last night on Funimation’s Twitch show Dubbletalk. You can catch streams of new episodes on the network’s website.

H/T Anime News Network | Screengrab via Funimation/YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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