4chan hacks and doxes Zoe Quinn’s biggest supporter

4chan and Anonymous have gone on an all-out dox fest against a man who defended a woman they don't like.

Mar 1, 2020, 11:01 pm*

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Aja Romano

Days into the uproar over feminist game creator Zoe Quinn, 4chan allegedly hacked the website of one of her staunchest supporters, prompting him to put the website and his in-development game up for sale and allegedly vow to quit the industry for good.

The website’s video board, /v/, also allegedly hacked into the Dropbox accounts of Phil Fish, Quinn, and some of her supporters in the independent gaming community and subsequently sent them harassing phone calls.

Following allegations made by an ex-boyfriend that Quinn cheated on him and may have had inappropriate relationships with other members of the industry, angry gamers lined up to criticize the gaming media and harass Quinn and her family. The main thrust of the anger over Quinn involved her perceived nepotism in having what many gamers believed were unethical relationships with other members of the gaming industry and the gaming media.

Sunday night after the allegations hit, Quinn’s friend Phil Fish came to her aid, launching a strident defense of her character on social media:

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Fish has long had a love-hate relationship with social media and the gaming community. Last month he canceled development on his game Fez II, stating that he wanted to leave the abusive culture of the gaming community.

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Fish’s support of Quinn apparently ruffled 4chan’s feathers. Last night, Fish’s website was allegedly hacked by a 4chan group deeming themselves “Five Guys burgers and fries”—a reference to the five men Quinn allegedly slept with while dating her ex-boyfriend.  

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The hacked version of the website announced, “HACKED BY 4CHAN.ORG V – ALL SJWS MUST DIE”—a reference to the derogatory monicker “Social Justice Warrior,” often shorthanded SJW in reference to feminists and other progressive Internet denizens.

Hello everyone, I am the head mod over at /V/ and leader of 4chan.org and Anonymous.
This public execution of Polytron and Phil Fish is retaliation for his attempted coverup of five guys burger and fries.
Let this be a warning to all SJW game devs out there, we are coming for you. 
The hack of Zoe Quinn has already taken place as of a few days ago and I have targeted more SJW indie devs today. 

My next target is Phil Fish. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it Phil?

The hacked website revealed Fish’s alleged personal information, including his current and previous address, his bank balance, and bank account information, along with numerous alleged email accounts and passwords. The website was eventually restored with an “under construction” sign.

Screengrab via Polytroncorporation

The motivation for the hack seems clearly connected to the Quinn controversy. “We will not let you destroy our gaming industry with your feminist SJW tendencies,” read the Polytron website during the hack. The hack also linked to a downloadable zip file which appeared to contain account information, contracts, and other information allegedly related to Phil Fish and the Fez II game. The zip file may have come from a reported hack of Fish’s Dropbox account, which coincided with Quinn’s own claim that hackers broke into her Dropbox account last night:

The group, which claimed to originate from 4chan’s video board, also allegedly hacked Fish’s Twitter account, @polytron. That account is now suspended.

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Before locking and finally deleting his own Twitter account, Fish allegedly tweeted that he was selling his Polytron website and the Fez IP:

He also, according to Level Save, issued a defeated series of tweets about the gaming community:

this is videogames

this is your audience

to every aspiring game developer out there: don’t. give up. it’s not worth it.

nothing is worth this.

give up on your dreams. they are actually nightmares.

just don’t do it.


Though Fish seemed to have no intention of returning to the gaming community or to Twitter, there was one ray of hope:

Meanwhile, On 4chan’s /v/ board, however, many of the members remained skeptical that one of their own was behind the hacking. One thread investigated the possibility that Fish could have doxed himself as a way of committing virtual seppuku in defense of Quinn. Update: Supporters of this theory point to Fish’s site being hosted on Cloudfare, which uses two-part authentification, and the large amount of data, roughly 1.5 gigabytes, that was uploaded in a relatively small window of time. 


Screengrab via 4chan

But other supporters of Quinn also claimed to have had their Dropbox accounts compromised and that they’re being harassed, along with Quinn herself.

As for Quinn, she urged Twitter to report the hacked Polytron account. She also argued it was hard for her detractors to claim Fish’s website hack was faked, because they’d made the same claim she was responsible for hacking her own Tumblr and doxxing herself earlier in the week:

Quinn went on to apologize to anyone caught in the crossfire over the recent scandal but vowed that the harassment wasn’t going to drive her away.

But while Quinn may be sticking around, it may be all over for Fish. At press time, his Twitter account was still deleted.

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*First Published: Aug 22, 2014, 6:10 pm