'Your manager one week before he fires you'

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‘Your manager one week before he fires you’: Corporate expert shares warning signs from bosses to look out for at work

‘If this ever happens, immediately quit.’


Phil West


Some contend that corporations can be sneaky when it comes to how they go about firing and replacing workers. One corporate expert who agrees took the initiative to report on a tactic workers should be on guard for in a now-viral video.

The video comes from TikTok user @corporate.sween, who dubs himself the “CEO of Corporate America” and generates a number of videos from management’s point of view.

In this particular video, the creator takes on the role of a boss having a one-on-one meeting with a worker, and the on-screen caption, “Your manager one week before he fires you,” sets the scene.

“Whatever it is that you’re doing, keep doing it,” the creator says. “I’m telling you, it is not going unnoticed, so just keep it up all right.”

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Then, he says, “By the way, I’m gonna share a doc with you. I need you to start filling it out on a weekly basis in detail. It’s essentially an activity tracker, so it just tells me exactly what you’re focused on Monday through Friday, hour by hour.”

“So, again,” he continues, “no cause for concern, but just in case you forget, I’m going to put a meeting on the calendar one week from today, just so we can sync up on it and see how you’re doing with it.”

Commenters made their own observations.

“It’s also a hidden way to get you to build your own ‘handover file’ so that your manager knows what your replacement needs to do,” one pointed out.

“I think that’s the point here,” another opined.

“Exactly because that manager, in reality, has zero clue,” said another.

Someone else chimed in, “They never have a f*cking clue.”

Another commenter shared a creepy variant of this tactic: “My old VP had someone go into my office and take photos of all my notes in my office and I caught them. I immediately knew, so I packed.”

Someone else added, “Don’t forget the part where they have you train someone else how to do your job but are vague about why.”

Another viewer advised, “Always know that if they’re doing something out of the ordinary, they’re ready to fire you,” before adding, “Always watch your back folks.”

The Daily Dot contacted @corporate.sween via TikTok comment for more information.

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