woman wearing a black blouse, explaining that she quit her old job but told her current one that she is still working in order to arrive late to work.


‘I knew I couldn’t be an employee anymore when…’: Worker lies about having 2 jobs so she can show up late to her new one

‘I knew I was going to be late to the second job all the time.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, an OnlyFans performer explained how she knew she couldn’t keep working for others anymore.

In the video, TikToker @nocontextyagass explains that she had a situation at a previous job in which she’d already decided to do something but “politely asked” her higher-up for permission “just to communicate that I’m doing this thing.”

When her manager told her she actually didn’t have permission, @nocontextyagass asked what the repercussions would be. “Because I’m doing it anyway,” she says in the clip.

@nocontextyagass goes on to add that after working at that same job for three weeks, she wanted to take a break at 2:30pm, but was told she couldn’t since her shift ended 30 minutes later at 3pm.

“It wasn’t in the rules anywhere. I just couldn’t do it because nobody else thought of the idea before I had said it, and it wasn’t fair even though it’s not in the rules,” the TikToker claims.

Two days after being denied a break, @nocontextyagass started looking for a new job and got hired on the spot. Despite already getting a new gig, @nocontextyagass texted the manager at the job she’d been at for three weeks, asking if she could use her as a reference for the new job she was applying for. She already scored the role and didn’t need the reference.

“Just to let her know, ‘B*tch that was your last strike,’” @nocontextyagass explains of her petty play.

@nocontextyagass Them: “you can’t do that” Me: “that’s fine, i’ll deal with the repercussions of my decisions” #nocontextyagass ♬ original sound – Toxic Superhero

However, she told the new job that she was keeping her old job too, even though she wasn’t. The TikToker says she knew she’d be late to the job consistently and having the fake second job gave her an excuse.

“I knew I was going to be late to the second job all the time even though I was only 15 minutes up the street. But I didn’t want to hear their mouth all the time,” @nocontextyagass says. “… What are you gonna do about it? Nothing.”

The whirlwind story continues with @nocontextyagass sharing that she ended up getting fired from the second job because she missed her flight on purpose to avoid going to work—twice.

In a comment reply, @nocontextyagass said jobs don’t hold as much weight for her since she doesn’t have any kids to care for with that income.

The video has garnered more than a quarter million views and over 250 comments as of Wednesday morning.

“Them: ‘you can’t do that’ Me: ‘that’s fine, i’ll deal with the repercussions of my decisions,’” the caption aptly read.

@nocontextyagass appears to now be self-employed as an OnlyFans performer.

Several commenters related to @nocontextyagass’ lax approach to jobs.

“Listening to this makes me feel good about not showin up to my job on random days,” one user said.

“Yea I’m not a good employee. So I finally decided to open my own business. Cause ima always do what I want,” another shared.

“Looool I did the same thing when I started my job. We could take our lunch (1hr break) at anytime so I waited the last hour of my shift to take it,” a third viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @nocontextyagass via TikTok comment.

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