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‘I was just publicly insulted in front of my whole team’: Worker says boss ‘belittled’ her in front of 25-person team after she submitted her two weeks’ notice

'Nobody deserves this treatment.'


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Posted on Oct 29, 2022

A TikToker named Sophia (@sophiazp5) went viral after uploading a storytime clip relaying the treatment she received from an employer after she announced she’d no longer be with the company.

In the video, she discusses how her bosses tried to guilt-trip her into staying and then scheduled a meeting with a team of 25 people where they managed to “belittle” her in front of them upon her exit.

“I was just publicly insulted in front of my whole team by my upper management,” Sophia starts in the video. “I’ve never heard of anything happen like this in the corporate world ever, ever.”

The creator details that she put in her two-week notice at the small firm with a very “heartfelt, genuine, email to the CEO and the COO” who were not only her management but her mentors as well.

“I intentionally waited until after I had trained a bunch of new people and busy season was over before I left,” she continues. “On Friday, they call me. [They] don’t give me a counter offer, talk down to me in very condescending tone, and are basically just mad that I only gave a two-week notice.”

Sophia says they asked her to stay till the end of November for a six-week notice instead, which she said she would think about it.

“The COO called me that evening to further insult me. I’m distraught because I looked up to both of these men and this is how they’re treating me. I thought they cared about me professionally, I thought they cared about me personally. Apparently not,” Sophia recounts. “So, this morning, Monday, I send an email, just stating to reaffirm my last day will be next Friday, November 4th, so I’m sticking to the two-week notice.”

The worker says she did not hear a response all day until she received a random invite for a 3pm meeting with her entire team on it.

“My team is 25 people. I was not given a heads-up about what this call was about, but I was nervous because why are they scheduling a random meeting in the middle of the day?” she explains. “Well, the call was about me.”

“[Which included] the CEO and the COO creating a narrative about why I’m leaving, which includes that I wasn’t a right fit, I couldn’t take the pressure, proceeded to name people on the call that they know could replace me, said that at this company they can resolve things within five days, so I have five more days,” Sophia says.

The TikToker says her bosses continued to belittle her and her experience and what she’s done for the past two years without “never once asking me to speak, never once commending me or thanking me for my work.” She claims they also revealed private things she’d said to them in confidence when I needed management and I was struggling, to “further prove the point that I just couldn’t take the pressure of the role.”

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In most states in the US, employees are not required to give a two-week notice to their employer upon exiting a company; this gesture is considered a courtesy and given Sophia’s personal relationship with managers she considered “mentors” at the job, it was one she wanted to offer to them when she decided to leave.

The phenomenon of bosses becoming “jerks” upon employees leaving has been oft-discussed, and there are forums filled with personal anecdotes from workers who’ve left companies that have been on the receiving end of upper-management ire when they handed in their two weeks’ notice.

TikTokers who saw Sophia’s post were shocked by her treatment by the company. Many told her to contact the Human Resources Department, while others urged her to post information about her former bosses online. Some suggested she save all of the email exchanges between her and her former supervisors.

“What a gift the universe has given you buy removing them from your path,” a user encouraged. “They showed their true selves. New start!”

“Keep the emails for your two week notice. Keep the receipts,” another viewer advised. “When you go for another job. Show the email informing your 2 weeks on how you part ways.”

“I’m so sorry definitely let HR know what happened. That was really unprofessional of them,” another wrote. “And look at it as a sign you made the right choice!”

Others gave examples of how they would respond were they in Sophia’s place.

“‘Considering the feedback I was given during the meeting it appears it would best if my employment ended effective immediately. Thank you,'” one user suggested.

“If they did this to me imagine what they’ll do to you.” – your exit letter to your team,” another viewer wrote.

As one viewer reminded, “Employers. are. not. friends. Never let them trick you into thinking they are.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sophia via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 29, 2022, 10:31 am CDT