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Hilarious work anniversary memes to share with co-workers

Here are some work anniversary memes to help acknowledge what just might be a special day for you.


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Nov 18, 2023

Wow, you’ve made it through an entire year at your job. Or maybe even more? In any case, if you’ve reached a milestone at work, it’s time to celebrate—with some work anniversary memes.

A work anniversary may not mean much to those other than the person observing it. Take the poor sap, for example, who created a TikTok of his grim one-year Walmart anniversary celebration, when he ate cake alone in his car. But it can be a reminder of all the hard work you’ve put in to earn that paycheck.

Whether you’re planning on celebrating with a nice dinner, some time off, or even by starting to look for a new job because you can barely stand this one, here are some work anniversary memes to help acknowledge this turning point in your work life.

Work anniversary memes to share with your co-workers

Fans of Michael Scott and “The Office” are sure to appreciate this meme. The sitcom is beloved for its many hilarious depictions of life at work, and this meme is the perfect way to kick off your own work anniversary celebrations. Michael’s face makes the meme even better, as fans know that this inept office boss would very well have wanted to celebrate you at work, but would probably order a cake that you’re allergic to—like he did for Meredith’s birthday.

If you’re a seasoned veteran at your job, this Willy Wonka meme is sure to make your work anniversary feel like you just won a Golden Ticket yourself.

Of course, no matter how many years you put in, there’s always another day of work to get to, and fans of the talk-show host will no doubt adore this Oprah-inspired meme.

After achieving the milestone of a work anniversary, it’s only natural that your next step would be to try and get a raise. However, that’s easier said than done. Here’s a meme you can share with your co-workers when your boss shuts down your request and makes it clear that you aren’t getting any extra money for clocking out early.

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Posted by Gym Memes on Friday, December 8, 2017

Sure, you’ve given your blood, sweat, and tears to this company, you’ve sacrificed personal time and relationships, but it’s still pretty funny to your boss when you ask for a salary increase.

Of course, now that you’ve passed your first or second work anniversary and are a seasoned veteran at the office, you can offer much-needed meme advice to newer hires, some of whom have no idea what’s in store for them.

The new hire after one shift This is the worst day of my life. The worst day of your life so far #workk #meme

Posted by Dopl3r funny memes on Thursday, September 19, 2019

But no matter how long you’ve been at any job, it’s important to give it your all, and here’s another meme inspired from “The Office” to share with your overachieving co-workers.

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*First Published: Nov 18, 2023, 2:43 pm CST