Rock shattered vehicle glass; homeless man reading journal

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‘Honestly you might have a stalker’: Woman gets car broken into—only her diary is stolen



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A trending TikTok video posted by @jadascarnival shows the aftermath of a car break-in, but the creator says the thief only took her journal. Commenters say it might indicate a potential stalker.

The 6-second video, captioned with the comment “everyday is something new,” has over 284,000 views. The poster shows various items strewn around in the compact car, including broken glass, a large rock thrown through the front passenger window, and art-related items.

The video overlay reads: “broke my window and took my f****** JOURNAL so now theres a homeless person walking around with my entire life story.”


everyday is something new 🙌🏻

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One comment, with over 15,000 likes, asked, “IS THAT ALL THEY TOOK??? na that wasnt a homeless person this was personal sis.” Another said, “honestly you might have a stalker.”

“No bc this would send me into an actual panic attack id rather them have my social security number,” said one person. Commenting on the poster’s assumption that a person experiencing homelessness had stolen her journal, they wondered, “why the hell would a poor person gaf abt a used journal?”

The bulk of the video’s comments suggest the break-in and specific theft of a journal could indicate signs of a stalker or at least a personal vendetta. There are many stories, from all over the globe, of stalkers breaking into or tampering with the vehicles of the people they are stalking.

The Daily Dot contacted @jadascarnival via TikTok comment for further information.

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