Amazon driver finds random woman in his van. He’s shocked by what she asks

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‘She done started charging her phone and all’: Amazon driver finds random woman in his van. He’s shocked by what she asks

'This her 3rd van she hopped in'


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Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 6:59 pm CST

An Amazon delivery driver in Atlanta has gone viral after filming an incident involving an unknown woman who randomly decided to hop into his van while he was away from the vehicle.

The footage of the surreal encounter was posted on TikTok on Jan. 4, by user @cart4r__.

The video begins with the driver confronting the woman from outside his car: “Bro, I don’t know who’s this lady. Can you, can you get out? Bro, can you get out my van, bro?” Accompanying the video is an onscreen caption that reads, “Random lady just hopped in my work van.”

As the TikToker opens the driver’s door a back-and-forth ensues. The woman asks for a ride down the street, to which the driver responds, “Down the street? Bro, this is the Amazon van.”

The exchange unfolds humorously as the Amazon driver, incredulous at the situation, tries to reason with the woman. Despite his attempts to explain the gravity of the situation, the woman remains undeterred. “Just give me a ride down the street, man,” she says.

Throughout the video, the TikToker maintains a light-hearted tone, even jokingly suggesting that the woman should consider working for Amazon due to her persistence.


Bro where she come from only in ATL 💀who mon is this 😭😭

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At one point, he reveals, “You know I called the police like 10 minutes ago?” But the woman remains unfazed.

Finally, the TikToker closes the door, as he pans the camera over to a Clayton County police car pulling over and the video ends.

In the description of the video, the TikToker wrote, “Bro where she come from only in ATL,” further confirming that the incident happened in Atlanta’s Clayton County.

Since going viral, the video has garnered over 5.7 million views, sparking a wide variety of reactions in the comments.

One user wrote, “Jumping in any van in 2024 is wiiiild.”

“She was talkin to you like she knew you PERSONALLY,” another commented.

Another user shared their own safety precautions, writing, “That’s why I make sure I lock my damn doors every time I get out my car,” to which the TikToker responded by claiming, “This her 3rd van she hopped in.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @cart4r__ via email for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 9:00 pm CST