Worker says manager gave her a ‘shoutout’ for doing a great job. She was fired on the same day

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‘I really thought the culture at my job was great’: Worker says manager gave her a ‘shoutout’ for doing a great job. She was fired on the same day

' I'll NEVER go above and beyond working for these corporate jobs..'


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Posted on Feb 3, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:38 pm CST

A work-from-home mom said that despite going above and beyond at her current position, she was fired without warning leaving her in a precarious financial position—and it happened on the same day that her manager gave her a “shout-out” at work for performing well.

The woman, who posted her tearful monologue on the @2wfhmomsview TikTok account says she will more than likely have to move out of her current place of residence as her rent is too much for her to cover at this time and that she doesn’t have any savings to fall back on, so she is directly on the hunt for a new job.

“I busted my a** and I was just laid off. These companies do not care about us,” she says in the clip. “They want us to give…a 2-week notice but yet can just fire us and ruin our lives on the spot any day that they choose.”

She explains how she has a two-year-old son and that rent is $2,500 where she lives.

“You know I really thought that the culture at my job was…great the best that it’s ever been and for them to just lay me off not even based off of performance, cause my manager just shouted me out today saying I’m doing a great job and then fired me,” she says.

Unfortunately, the TikToker’s experience is one that many Americans faced in 2023 after a massive series of tech layoffs. According to Business Insider, the layoffs won’t be over in 2024, either: the outlet has written that “companies like Amazon, BlackRock, Nike, Intel, and Citigroup have announced plans for cuts this year,” as well as UPS, Google, and Microsoft.

To make matters even worse, soaring home ownership and rent costs have put numerous Americans in arrears and scrambling to play catch up when it comes to simply affording a place to live.

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Viewers had different responses to the TikToker’s video. One user didn’t seem too sympathetic to her plight, writing, “You made bad life choices like getting pregnant and it’s everyone else’s fault to make sure you’re taken care of? Make better choices.”

However, there was someone else who told her that she wasn’t to blame just because she didn’t have any money saved up, stating that in this economy it’s difficult for Americans to have any kind of monetary cushioning.

“It’s not your fault for not having savings,” they wrote. “Everything is so high it’s hard to save! I’m sorry mama. I went through this as well but you got this!!!”

Others said that the TikToker’s experience, which they found akin to their own, is a clear example of why workers should never go out of their way for an employer.

“I learned this from my last job,” one commented. “Ever since then, I’ll NEVER go above and beyond working for these corporate jobs.”

This was a sentiment echoed by someone else who wrote, “Exactly why I only do what’s required of me at work nothing more.”

Other people said that they didn’t give two weeks’ notice before taking their current positions, either.

“I didn’t give 2 weeks notice. i quit the day before I started a new job after my shift was over,” one said.

Another anecdote shared by a TikToker highlighted just how callous the layoff business in corporate America can be, sharing, “Got laid off then saw the exec team go on a retreat somewhere in the Caribbean the very next week.”

Someone else shared their own message of hope.

“I lost my job because my kids were in a car accident and I had to miss a lot of work… I literally found my dream job!” they said. “One door closes so another one will open!! Good luck!!!!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @2wfhmomsview via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2024, 11:00 am CST