Woman brings own seasoning at Korean BBQ


‘I would have been soo embarrassed’: Woman brings own seasoning at Korean barbecue restaurant

'I respect her fr [because] the meat need a lil touch to it.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 14, 2023

When you go out to eat, especially if you’re paying good money, you probably want to make sure that your food is being prepared exactly the way you like it.

This could be a big reason why many customers choose to dine at restaurants that give them the option of cooking their own food, like many “hot pot” or DIY Korean barbecue spots do. Usually, these establishments will give patrons a list of ingredients that they can purchase to bring to their table, which is outfitted with a cooking apparatus that allows them the make their meals to their liking.

A TikToker named Ebere (@e.xxic) posted a viral video of her going out to eat at a Korean barbecue restaurant with a friend, which has accrued over 44,000 likes as of Sunday

In the clip, she jokingly calls out her friend for bringing her own seasoning to the eatery, which sparked a litany of responses from viewers who saw her clip.

@e.xxic sha the suya spice made it sweet cant lie #koreanbbq #africantiktok #fyp #nigeriatiktok ♬ original sound – Ebere

In the clip, the friend pours some of the spices into the lid of the container and then uses her fingers to pinch the seasoning over the cooking meat in the middle of the table. Ebere quips that she can’t take her friend anywhere, who just smiles across from her before the video ends.

One commenter seemed to appreciate that the TikToker’s friend brought her own seasoning to spice the Korean barbecue food to her liking.

“No don’t knock her!” they wrote. “I bring green seasoning, all purpose, paprika, pepper sauce & adobo seasoning.. food hits so much better!”

Some folks couldn’t believe that the TikTokers went to a Korean barbecue spot that didn’t season its food.

“Oh, Korean bbq seasoning is usually fine,” a user shared, while another remarked, “Where yal getting yal Korean bbq from that its not seasoned.”

Another TikToker also expressed that they’ve never experienced any issues while dining at Korean barbecue restaurants, writing, “Never been to a Korean barbecue where the seasonings had any issues. Its always hits right.”

Oe person thought that Ebere’s friend pulled a brilliant move that they would want to replicate for themselves in the future.

“Why have I never thought of this!” they shared. “Suya pepper would be amazing on these.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ebere via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 14, 2023, 12:18 pm CDT