Working at Dollar General be like...

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‘Oh man, this is ghetto’: Dollar General worker shows why you’re always claustrophobic in the store

'ive never been to a DG that i could actually get through with a cart'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 13, 2023

When he isn’t working as a standup comedian, Jacoby Tyrone Bruton works at a Dollar General in Tampa, Florida.

Bruton, who is known by username jacobybrutoncomedy on TikTok, posted a video that hits at a common gripe for shoppers and employees of the budget retail chain. And that’s boxes, boxes, and more boxes.

In the video, Bruton displays a look of retail worker despair upon realizing that the freight truck delivering a new shipment of items isn’t using the docking area, but rather the same doors that customers use to enter and exit the location.

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By the end of the clip, Bruton demonstrates just why so many people feel shopping at Dollar General can often be a claustrophobic experience.

The video begins with the Dollar General employee standing at the front of the store, looking out toward the entrance door with a concerned expression on his face. A massive box truck backs up to the store’s entrance, and the worker looks back and speaks to someone off-camera.

“This is how we receive trucks? This how we receive trucks? Through the front door?” It sounds like the individual they’re talking to off-camera confirmed his statement. “Oh man, this is ghetto,” he utters to himself.

Bruton watches the transportation worker preparing to unload boxes of product from the back of the truck as the Beverly Hills Cop theme plays in the background of the video. “It’s gonna be a long night,” he says, forlorn, looking at all of the items he’s going to have to unpack and stage throughout the store.

One commenter attempted to explain why the driver decided to park in the front of the store. Perhaps they weren’t confident in using the docking area located at the back of the store.

“I would say the driver didn’t know how to back up to the dock,” the user wrote.

However, several commenters wrote that, in their opinion, Bruton was making a mountain out of a mole hill. The products already came in carts, and therefore all Bruton is responsible for is rolling them off the truck and through the store.

“Wait they already come on the carts man they literally do nothing but set it and forget it,” one user wrote.

“Mad easy. It’s in carts already!” someone else penned.

Another user wrote, “At Five Below we did this with truck, via the front the door.”

One Dollar General customer who said this phenomenon can hamper the shopping experience by making it almost impossible for them to maneuver around the store with a shopping cart comfortably. “ive never been to a DG that i could actually get through with a cart,” the user wrote.

In the past, Dollar General received attention for its cluttered stores overloaded with stock. One redditor posted to the site’s r/DollarGeneral sub that attempts at tidying up their store’s back room is a seemingly futile effort.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dollar General via email and Bruton via Instagram DM for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 13, 2023, 6:37 am CDT