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‘I just ditched my membership’: Costco workers say it’s been ‘slow’ lately and they’re losing hours. What’s going on?

'You'd think Costco would be, like, fool proof.'


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Posted on Jan 2, 2024   Updated on Jan 2, 2024, 10:14 am CST

A Costco worker is concerned about the store’s future after overhearing a conversation between two of its workers as she checked out her goods.

In a viral TikTok video with over 219,000 views, user Kelly (@kelsokru) discussed what she overheard while eavesdropping.

“You guys, I just left Costco, and the guy who was checking me out and the guy who was packing my stuff were having a conversation about how slow it’s been,” the woman began in the video.

Apparently, the packer asked his co-worker if they were going to be getting their hours increased, and the cashier responded “no.” “They’re gonna start cutting hours soon because it’s been so slow,” the man at the register reportedly said.

The co-worker then asked if the store was still behind (presumably on sales and profits). “Yeah, we’re way behind,” the cashier said.

“This is Costco; you’d think Costco would be, like, fool proof,” Kelly said.

Kelly said the parking lot is a giveaway for how the store is doing.

“Usually around this time, pre-Thanksgiving until after Christmas, like, you can’t even find parking in the parking lot,” she continued.

This year, she claimed her store’s parking lot was surprisingly empty during the holiday season.

“I think this shit is about to hit the fan for a lot of these retailers right now,” she concluded.


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Some viewers left comments that backed Kelly’s concerns about the store’s financial future.

“I’m in a rural area and I do Instacart my number 1 route is to Costco,” one viewer shared. “It’s been slow and the store is a little busier like a busy Sunday.”

“I just ditched my membership,” another added. “I can’t afford the bulk buys anymore.”

However, many were not convinced of Kelly’s claims.

“Mine is always like an apocalypse,” user Michelle C wrote.

“This is so untrue, the Costco by my house is always packed,” another user responded.

According to Costco’s annual report published in 2023, the chain performed better this year than the year prior. It reported net sales for the year that totaled $237 billion, an increase of 7% compared to last year. Revenue from membership fees also increased 8%. The bulk seller also expanded its reach by opening 13 new locations, including many overseas.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kelly via email and Costco by contact form for more information.

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*First Published: Jan 2, 2024, 1:00 pm CST