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‘It’s always a surprise when you open your tims bag’: Customer blasts Tim Hortons after they messed up both her orders

‘The croissant lmaoo’


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Sometimes, fast food customers decide to go out of their way to order something bizarre off of the menu using a series of customizations. That goes for this McDonald’s customer who wanted to only purchase a slice of cheese from the popular burger chain.

The employees of the aforementioned Mickey D’s must’ve thought that this was a strange request from the patron, but they fulfilled it nonetheless.

And then there are instances in which customers receive products that are so drastically different from what they asked for it leaves them scratching their heads as to how their requests were fumbled so badly.

Like in this viral TikTok posted by dicegoblinx, who had both Tim Hortons sandwiches in their order botched to such a large extent that it provoked a slew of comments from folks who also had a bone to pick with the coffee and donut franchise.

The TikToker posted about their experience in a viral clip that’s garnered more than 201,000 views on the popular social media platform.

@dicegoblinx We love tims for that! #timhortons #timhortonsfail #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

In the video, dicegoblinx begins by staring into their camera with a text overlay that reads: “I asked for a sausage sandwich on an English muffin.”

The clip then transitions to footage of the sandwich that they received instead, which is clearly missing a sausage patty. In its place are instead some slabs of bacon. “Got bacon on a biscuit,” the Tim Hortons customer writes.

But the wrong order fiasco doesn’t end there. The clip then cuts to an adolescent boy, who flashes a smile and a thumbs up: “Asked for a cheese croissant.”

Guess what the kid was given instead? Honestly, when the camera pans to his order, it’s hard to tell. It looks like unmelted shredded cheese on a croissant: “Received… this?” dicegolbinx writes.

Commenters seemed just as confused by the order mix-ups: “not the shredded cheese in a croissant haha,” one person wrote. “The croissant lmaoo,” another laughed.

According to another user, these kinds of screw-ups are par the course for Tim Hortons. “Its always a surprise when you open your tims bag. Its even more of a surprise if its right.”

And then there was another person who shared an anecdote that suggested the person fulfilling their Tim Hortons order wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about ensuring they didn’t burn their hand on a hot beverage: “Had the drive thru attendant audibly sigh when I asked for a sleeve for my scolding hot tea today.”

However it seems like these botched/improvised orders aren’t just endemic to any one particular fast food chain: “One time i ordered a creme cheese bagel from mcdo and they gave me a untoasted bagel with a yellow cheeze slice in it.”

And another TikToker was simply shocked that the establishment wouldn’t have all of the ingredients on hand in order to process the guest’s requested orders: “Does Tim’s not carry the items they have on the menu?? Like a cheese croissant is not that, they improvised that”

Other folks on different social media platforms have also criticized Tim Hortons for its inability to get their orders down pat. Redditor @mbaxter posted to the r/TimHortons sub in a post titled: “Anyone else have an issue with Tim Hortons getting orders incorrect?”

They added that the brand is constantly messing up their orders that they’ve stopped getting items from there altogether, unless they’re picking up a coffee or a donut. Several commenters replied to the post stating that the training offered to employees of the chain isn’t up to par with other popular fast food chains, with one individual going so far as to call it downright “atrocious.”

Someone else wrote: “I know my local TH’s is a busy place but I go there often enough that I recognize all of the employees and every single one of them acts 100% of the time as though they’ve never seen me before in their life. I certainly don’t expect them to show up to a minimum wage job and try to be friendly and learn hundreds of people’s names, but it can be hard to shake the feeling that they’re actively trying to be robots.”

There was one responder who claimed that they believe the reason Tim Hortons customer service is because the same company that owns Burger King in the U.S. purchased the Canadian-based coffee chain: “Simple answer to that question… The same people who came in and ruined Burger King in the US bought Tim Hortons, merged it with Burger King, and then proceeded to implement the same cut cut and then cut some more policies – to generate higher profit scenarios at Tim Hortons.”

The company that the aforementioned used is referring to is Restaurant Brands International. Burger King will be purportedly closing down 53 stores in the U.S. in 2023.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tim Hortons via email for comment.

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