$11 slice of pizza in Whole Foods freezer

Ken Wolter/Shutterstock @anniebic/TikTok (Licensed)

‘The price rubs me the wrong way’: Whole Foods sells frozen pizza by the slice

‘Did that say 11.99? No way.’


Jack Alban


Many shoppers are chagrined to discover that the prices of groceries keep going up, and this inflationary trend may, unfortunately, continue headed into 2023. The USDA reports that “food-at-home prices are predicted to increase 7.8 percent, with a prediction interval of 5.3 to 10.5 percent.”

As a result, customers have been on the receiving end of sticker shock upon entering their grocery stores, like TikToker @anniebic who showed off a single slice of refrigerated pizza many viewers thought was retailing for $11.99.

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“I don’t know about you guys but…this just rubs me the wrong way,” the TikToker holds up a single slice of pre-packaged pizza from the freezer.

A label on the pizza reads “Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza,” which appears to have been confirmed from the business’ official TikTok account. They wrote in a comment, “It’s actually $5.00, fully cooked, and coal-fired in Brooklyn, NY. Find us at your local Whole Foods. Give it a try, and post an update.”

There were some users in the comments section who thought that the price of the pizza was $11.99, but the price tag that the pizza was placed near was for another item in the refrigerator.

“Did that say $11.99? No way,” one user wrote. Another penned, “If it were $1.99 instead of $11.99 it’d go off.”

“The price rubs me the wrong way,” another person said.

Other users saw the single slice of pizza and said that they were intrigued by the offering and wanted to try it out.

“That looks good to me,” a user wrote. “Where and how much?”

Another TikToker penned, “Looks better than the full frozen box pizza,” while someone else remarked, “Nah I kinda want it.”

Another user on the platform stated that they’re actually fans of the single-serve pizza offering, sharing, “I have tried it and it’s good.”

FreshDirect has the singular pizza slice packet listed on its website for $5.49. It seems to be the same Margherita-style slice that the TikToker put on display in her video.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Table 87 via email and @anniebic via TikTok comment.

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