Woman buys ice bath from TJ Maxx, gets so much more than expected

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‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PRODUCTS AT TJ MAXX’: Woman buys ice bath from TJ Maxx, gets so much more than expected

'There's got to be something wrong with it.'


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Posted on Dec 22, 2023   Updated on Dec 22, 2023, 10:17 am CST

A TJ Maxx shopper is sharing an amazing find she was able to snag, raising questions about how the retailer can offer name-brand products at a discounted price.

TikTok creator Jes Gragg Hampton (@jesgragghampton) shared a video with her 260,000+ followers about an ice bath tub she purchased at her local store that was $50 and originally retailed for $80.

“Fifty bucks is still a pretty penny, so I’m just racking my brain, trying to figure out what’s wrong with this tub,” Hampton said in her video, which has been viewed more than 353,000 times.

She eventually noticed the capacity of the tub listed on the box was 18 gallons.

“I’ve been doing ice baths for a while now, and I had a trash can—a 40-gallon trash can—that I was fitting in,” Hampton said. “Well I was barely getting in that sucker. … and I’m thinking if this is 18 [gallons], this is going to be like a dog ice bath.”

She then recounted how she tested her suspicions and filled the purchased ice bath tub with water using gallon containers.

“I did like 40 trips [pouring water], and it was only halfway full,” Hampton said. “So, my conclusion is these are being sold at TJ Maxx because the 18-gallon capacity is supposed to be 81 gallons.”

And according to her video, 18-gallon label was on both the front and back of the box. The Daily Dot reached out to Jes via Instagram direct message and TJ Maxx via email for further comment.

CNN reported that “off-price” retailers like TJ Maxx are able to sell products at a cheap price because they purchase unwanted merchandise from suppliers of traditional brands at steep discounts compared to the initial wholesale price. Inventory pile up at retailers like Nike and Target only help to fuel the products offered at off-price retailers.


I aint mad at it im just wondering

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Commenters on Hampton’s video largely seemed familiar with TJ Maxx’s inventory strategy.

“I work in fashion. There’s nothing wrong w Marshall’s or TJ Maxx stuff. Marmaxx buys stuff from us and we make the stuff (not as expensive to make as mainline stuff) but it’s all good quality stuff,” user Addie (@addie_boiii) said.

“It’s overstock, seasonal purges, faulty packaging/barcodes, or even pallets of returned items. You’re definitely right,” user Kayla Marie (@kmmmarrrie) said, affirming Hampton’s conclusion.

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*First Published: Dec 22, 2023, 1:00 pm CST