Car dealership worker reveals what the car you're driving says about you

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‘Read Hyundai to filth’: Car dealership worker reveals what the car you’re driving says about you

'My Nissan has damage but it’s because another Nissan hit me.'


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Posted on Mar 31, 2024   Updated on Mar 31, 2024, 11:07 am CDT

Ash (@ashxautos), a car dealership worker, posted a jocular TikTok naming several popular car brands and their specific stereotypes.

In short: She says Subarus are for flannel-wearing lesbians, Hyundais are for shallow people who like getting burned, Nissans are for folks who make life worse for everyone else, and Buicks are either for old people or their grandkids living off of their money.

Commenters who responded to her video were split down the middle with their replies to her clip, with some saying the stereotypes hit a bit closer to home for particular brands.

“Here’s what the manufacturer you’re driving says about you,” Ash begins. “If you drive a Subaru something about you just screams I drive a Subaru, it’s either one of two things: you’re either a part of a cult or you’re part of a large community which I support, but you identify as either L, or Q. Your go-to brand of footwear is Birkenstocks and you’re idea of getting dressed up is throwing on a flannel.”

Next up is a North American brand that Ash says is geriatrically inclined.

“If you drive a Buick, congratulations on being able to collect social security,” she quips. “And if for any reason I’m wrong and you’re not old enough to collect social security, someone who is has definitely passed this down to you and now congrats on having a paid-off car and no car payment you are the real winner.”

Hyundai vehicles, according to Ash, are for folks who care about one thing and one thing only: someone’s appearance.

“If you drive a Hyundai you’re the type of person that only cares about looks. Like you get into a relationship just because they look good, but you ignore all the red flags,” she says. “But they end up leaving you on a tow truck, I mean for another person. They end up leaving you for another person.”

It seems she saved the most biting criticism for last, however.

“If you drive a Nissan you are just reckless, a menace to society, if you will,” she claims. “For every 10 Nissans you see on the road, seven out of them have damage or are not one solid color. Please slow down, for everyone’s sake.”

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She adds in a caption for her video that she’s “just kidding,” but some commenters responded that there was a decent amount of truth to her comments.

One person wrote, “I will not slow down, and that pole hit my Nissan.”

Someone else joked, “My Nissan has damage but it’s because another Nissan hit me.”

One Subaru owner said her comments were very, on the money.

“I watched this in my Subaru while wearing Birkenstocks and a flannel,” they said. “And I’m definitely a ‘community member’, but I’m feeling really called out right now.”

However, another TikToker didn’t think that she was being all that fair to the South Korean automobile manufacturer, Hyundai, writing, “Bought my hyundai on looks and she’s been reliable as hell.”

A Buick owner also wrote that her decision to purchase the vehicle was rooted in her deciding what she wanted in her vehicle at a particular price point.

“I bought my Buick because it was the cheapest for the luxury I required at a reasonable gas mileage,” they said. “Everyone loves my car when they get in.”

Even though Ash says she is joking in her clip, the best comedy always has some element of truth to it, so is there any honesty to her statements?

While the Subaru WRX is the longtime choice of tuners, Subaru did specifically market to Portland-based lesbians at one point in time. They threw in cheeky jokes in advertisements throughout the years letting their customers know that they were being heard and the brand appreciated the support.

The brand Buick may be associated with a period film about Motown musicians dodging loan sharks long enough to secure a record deal, but the cars are built on the same platform as a slew of other General Motors vehicles.

They share similar infotainment systems to Chevrolet vehicles, for instance, but come with different styling and trim packages—but you’re essentially getting a GM whip when you get a Buick. This means you’ll get a car with access to a wide breadth of relatively inexpensive domestically sourced parts should you ever need something replaced.

Hyundai’s reliability reports according to RepairPal starkly contradict Ash’s claims in her video. The outlet states that out of 32 car brands, Hyundai is ranked 4th. Redditors part of the r/Hyundai community have also had glowing remarks about the brand’s dependability. Hyundai EU in 2017 touted how JD Power and Associates awarded Hyundai the moniker of most reliable for that year.

As for her comments regarding Nissan—these appear to be mainly rooted in the subset of memes about Altima drivers who cut in and out of traffic and generally cause a ruckus on the pavement.

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Ash via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT