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‘They’re already giving you a great deal’: Expert shares what not to say when you’re buying a car

'If you're not doing that, you're probably leaving money on the table.'


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Posted on Mar 26, 2024   Updated on Mar 26, 2024, 3:58 pm CDT

After years of rising costs and high demand, 2024 may finally be the right time to buy a car. During 2023, prices began to fall by an average of 3.5%, according to Kelley Blue Book. Another report projects that 2024’s global car production will exceed demand by 6%, giving the market a surplus of 5 million new vehicles.

Unfortunately, for many car buyers, reaping the benefits of a changing market is harder than it sounds. Tons of tips exist for potential buyers. For example, how NPR advises its readers to follow a few basic steps, including getting pre-approved for a car loan, not being too open with salespersons, and avoiding add-ons. Other sources warn buyers about money pits like extended warranties and cars to avoid. However, reading about best practices is very different from saving money during a negotiation. Even if multiple factors are working in a buyer’s favor, it’s still easy to leave money on the table while haggling with a dealership.

Recently, a car salesperson garnered over 981,000 views when he shared “the worst ways to negotiate a car deal.” TikToker RussFlipsWhips (@russflipswhips), who specializes in car sales skits and advice, filmed the short video to give viewers a rundown on how using certain phrases can make or break a deal.

Russ began his video while standing in his dealership’s parking lot. “The worst way to negotiate a car deal is to say things like, ‘Is this the best you can do?’ ‘Can you do any better?’ ‘Is there any wiggle room?'”

According to Russ, these phrases are to be avoided because car salespersons are trained to respond to these common questions. Instead of trying some cliché phrases that will be disregarded, he suggests “a clear, concise offer to do business.” For him, customers get a better deal when they steer the sale toward closing. He says using phrases like, “Hey, give me the X out the door, I’ll buy right now” or “Hey, get my payment to X right now at this term, I’ll buy right now” get the salespersons “a little bit excited” and “get the managers involved” in the sale.

“If you’re not doing that, you’re probably leaving money on the table. If you create urgency and a clear, concise offer to do business, you’ll probably get a better deal,” Russ concluded.

@russflipswhips Keep in mind some dealers do no haggle pricing and theyre already giving you a great deal, so they might not negotiate at all! #carsales #carbuyingtips #carsalesman ♬ original sound – RussFlipsWhips

Some commenters offered their own negotiating tactics.

“I always feel the strongest negotiating move is being willing to simply walk away,” a viewer wrote.

Another added, “Never talk payments.”

“The worst accident in negotiating is negotiating,” a third quipped.

A fourth pointed out that negotiating tactics are essential throughout life. “This isn’t just a car dealership this is life. Do not ask open ended questions,” they wrote.

Others griped about how unpleasant shopping for a car can be.

“I wont buy from a new dealership ever again I have 3 times and regretted it,” a viewer shared.

“Why do we still need to negotiate cars,” another replied. “I bought a Tesla and it was the best buying experience ever. 15 minutes on app 15 minutes at delivery.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Russ via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT