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‘I used to bag so many jobs on Indeed’: Job-hunter snags interview after applying on Indeed. He got ghosted

‘Are these fake jobs?’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok is calling out Indeed after claiming, in his experience, fewer listings on the site lead to jobs than before.

In a video with over 341,000 views, TikTok user @dwoodz317 notes his varied experience on the platform.

“I used to bag so many jobs on Indeed,” the TikToker says. “About 60 to 70% of the jobs I worked…I done got at least half of them boys from Indeed. So, when I’m on there now applying for jobs, I’m not scoring nothing, bro?”

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The TikToker then recounts a story in which he had an interview that went positively, saying that the interview ended with the interviewer promising to send more information. She did not send the information.

“Are these fake jobs? Are these scams or something?” he asks.

The problems with Indeed, he says, are indicative of a larger problem in the job market.

“Everybody wants to complain and be like, ‘Oh, the young dudes don’t want to work no more! This young generation don’t want to work! They don’t want to work,’” the TikToker starts. “We trying to get jobs, bro, and even the most simplest of jobs…they ain’t giving us no opportunities. Y’all ain’t giving us no chances.”

The TikToker’s idea that some of these job listings may be fake is not a new one. There is a well-documented phenomenon of “ghost jobs” on online job boards, in which companies post job listings for positions they do not immediately plan on filling.

That said, Scott Dobroski, vice president of Global Corporate Communications at Indeed, previously claimed to the Daily Dot that “inactive or ‘ghost’ job postings” were “not a prevalent issue” on the site.

Still, many internet users have faced similar issues to @dwoodz317. TikTokers have reported applying to incredible numbers of jobs, only to hear few if any responses.

In the comments section of @dwoodz317’s video, users shared their own job search woes.

“So it’s not just me,” wrote a commenter. “we put 100 applications in just to not get hired.”

“Dang I thought I was tripping,” echoed another. “I’ve been looking for months nothing.”

“Nbs I just got lucky last week but I done put in over 1,000 applications nbs and people barely call,” stated a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Indeed via email and @dwoodz317 via Instagram direct message.

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