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The hilarious world of Wednesday memes

Wednesday memes are a great way to celebrate the fact that Friday is just two days away.


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Nov 22, 2023   Updated on Nov 23, 2023, 1:46 pm CST

As any nine-to-fiver can tell you, the work week is often a struggle. But once you get over the terror of Monday, and the drudgery of Tuesday, it’s finally Wednesday. Sure, the weekend is still not quite within your grasp, but the end is in sight. To celebrate this often under-appreciated day of the week and to give you a boost to get through the rest of work, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Wednesday memes.

What do Wednesday memes mean?

As harbingers of the weekend, Wednesday marks the mid-point of the week when the worst is over—hence its infamous “hump day” nickname. (That’s got a whole class of memes devoted to it.)

Filled with equal parts of exhaustion from the work week and adrenaline for the weekend, Wednesday memes convey how the middle day of the work week is the perfect mix of dread and joy.

The ‘It is Wednesday my dudes’ meme

This meme, also referred to as the Wednesday frog, is a low-res image of a Budgett’s frog celebrating the middle of the week by saying the phrase, “It is Wednesday my dudes.” The meme was originally uploaded by Tumblr user kidpix2 in 2014, receiving over 60,000 views since being posted.

The meme evolved in 2015 when Vine user JimmyHere uploaded a post of him saying the phrase followed by the user imitating a Budgett’s frog’s scream. The Vine garnered over 15 million loops and 70,000 re-vines.

The Budgett’s frog meme spread to other social media platforms as well, where it was remixed many times over.

The ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ meme

The ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ meme comes from a quote by the character Karen Smith in the movie “Mean Girls.” The first use of the phrase in a meme is unknown, but it has become popular over the years, peaking during the 10-year anniversary of the movie’s release in 2014.

The meme was later remixed to pair the text with the character Regina George, and people who did not appear in the movie but were simply just wearing pink. 

The Budgett’s frog also appears in remixes of the ‘What a week, huh,” memes. This version is a panel from The Adventures of Tintin comics, recaptioned with a humorous conversation from the beloved NBC show 30 Rock, in which the character Liz Lemon complains to her boss about it being a hard week and he responds, “Lemon, it’s Wednesday.”

And, of course, no list of Wednesday memes is complete without including memes based on the 2022 Netflix series “Wednesday.” The show got the meme treatment after a scene of Wednesday dancing inspired a dance trend on TikTok.

@emilymeding Double trouble #wednesday#wednesdayaddams#jennaortega#addamsfamily#wednsdaydance#fakebody#fyp#dance#trend#viral#fypシ ♬ original sound – 𖤐


Wednesday memes are a great way to celebrate the fact that Friday is just two days away. Or, in the case of Wednesday Adams memes, they can inspire you with a delightful dread. Either way, they’re all the inspiration you need on hump day.

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2023, 11:08 am CST