Customer's Watermelon from Aldi is empty inside

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‘I’m going to start shaking the watermelons in the store now’: Customer’s watermelon from Aldi is empty inside

‘Aldi forgot the ‘melon’ in my watermelon.’


Maya Wray


Posted on Jun 24, 2023   Updated on Jun 24, 2023, 12:57 pm CDT

An Aldi shopper received an unusual surprise upon cutting into a watermelon she purchased— a nearly empty fruit.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, mother and nursing student Frances (@mommakalin) poured a torrent of liquid into her kitchen sink from inside the watermelon she had just cut into.

“Aldi forgot the ‘melon’ in my watermelon,” Frances captioned her video.

@mommakalin Honestly no one can tell me why this happened 😂 it looked like a good watermelon 😂 #aldifinds #aldiproduce #oops ♬ original sound – Frances

“I was really looking forward to watermelon today,” she admitted in the video, ripping off the top of the melon in shock to reveal it “completely hollow” inside.

“Do you see that? There is nothing left in there,” she said. “What a waste.”

Users cautioned Frances against keeping the fruit to eat, saying that it appeared to be spoiled. “Overripe… a few more days and it would have exploded,” one user wrote.

Another user elaborated on the science behind such an explosion, stating that bacteria can enter the melon through a hole in its skin and cause fermentation. “I had one last year. Stuck my knife in and it exploded,” they shared. 

A similar thing can happen with cantaloupe, according to another user, who wrote that her mother sunk her thumb through an overripe cantaloupe sitting in a hanging basket that eventually hit the ground, causing the fruit to explode everywhere. “It literally looked like a bomb of overripe cantaloupe juice exploded all over our kitchen. Smelled horrendous!” 

Under Aldi’s “Twice as Nice” return policy, customers may return items that they are not satisfied with for their money back and a replacement item, as several other viewers pointed out. In the comments, Frances revealed that the watermelon only cost $3.99 at her Aldi location.

“I’m going to start shaking the watermelons in the store now to make sure there’s no sloshing inside,” one user decided. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Frances via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2023, 12:56 pm CDT