gas station squeegee (l) hand using plastic cup to scoop up washer fluid (c) hand pouring washer fluid into car reservoir (r)


‘That’s like next level broke’: Woman takes washer fluid from gas station to use in car. Viewers are critical

‘Because washer fluid is like $2?’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, a woman shared her hack for getting free windshield washer fluid. Viewers were not onboard.

In the video, Canadian TikToker Tris (@triscuitz57) is filming at a gas station after seemingly getting gas for her car.

Near the gas station pump is an area with cleaning supplies for gas station patrons to clean their windshields for free if they so choose. Part of the setup is a container with a light pink windshield washer fluid.

Tris is seen taking a plastic cup and dipping it into the container.

“Why pay for washer fluid when the gas station has it for free?” Tris said.

@triscuitz57 it's just sitting there 🤷‍♀️ #lifehacks ♬ original sound – Tris

She’s then seen walking over to the front of her car with the full cup of liquid in her hand. She proceeds to pour the cup into the car’s windshield washer reservoir.

“Ah yes. Drink up, drink up,” she says to the car as she pours the liquid.

The video has more than four million views and over 2,100 comments as of Monday morning.

“It’s just sitting there,” the caption read.

People in the comment section were largely against the hack for several reasons.

A few people pointed out that the washer liquid was dirty since it sits out all day.

“Because bugs and spit an whatever else nasty is floating around in there,” a person pointed out.

“I worked at a full serve gas station for 4 years. you do not want to put that much sediment through your cars widow was,” another said.

Other people who work or have worked at gas stations said that oftentimes, the liquid isn’t actually a windshield washer-specific product. At some gas stations, it’s just a multipurpose cleaner or water mixed with a bit of cleaning detergent.

“Be careful because they do a dilution of Dawn Dishsoap. We did it at ours because it was cheaper,” one person shared.

A top comment pointed out that the “hack” wasn’t worth it. “Because washer fluid is like $2?” they argued.

Target currently offers a gallon of Rain-X brand washer fluid on its site for $3.99.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tris via TikTok comment.

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