Shopper accuses Walmart of lying to customers after weighing 2 packs of pork chops

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‘I’m just scanning the cheaper one twice lol’: Shopper accuses Walmart of lying to customers after weighing 2 packs of pork chops

‘People, make sure you really weigh this stuff before you buy it.’


Braden Bjella


Recently, an increasing number of internet users are calling out stores for allegedly lying about how much of an item people will receive for their dollar.

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For example, one TikTok user said she bought a package of crumbled cheese from Kroger that claimed to have 4 ounces of product; in reality, it had only 2.5. Another called out Real Canadian Superstore for allegedly incorrectly listing the weight of multiple items, while a further user said that their Walmart Great Value croutons weighed around a third of the listed weight.

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While many different stores have been put in the spotlight as of late, Walmart is a common name that gets thrown around in these conversations. After a TikTok user realized that their Walmart smoked bacon weighed 5 ounces less than what was stated on the package, TikTok user Chad (@chads113) decided to head to Walmart to see their pricing issues for himself. What he found shocked him.

Does Walmart list weights incorrectly?

In a video with over 843,000 views as of Saturday, Chad picks up two packs of pork products at Walmart. While they appear similar—so much so that Chad identifies them as the same product—they are actually two different products.

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Still, they appear to be around the same weight, the main difference being the price per pound: One is listed at $4.34 per pound, while the other is listed at $3.57 per pound.

The issue, Chad says, is that the latter pack states that it weighs 4.33 pounds, resulting in a total price of $15.46. This is strange, as the latter pack appears visually similar to the pack that’s listed at less than a pound.

Upon weighing both packs, it turns out that they are incredibly similar in weight—meaning that the 4.33 pound listing, and the prospective $15.46 for that package, are incorrect.

“People, make sure you really weigh this stuff before you buy it,” Chad advises. He later adds, “Walmart is on some scam s***.”

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Commenters encourage Chad to go further

In the comments section, users encouraged Chad to make more of an effort to call out this Walmart location for their actions.

“Department of weights and measures. Different packaging aside, if they are selling it at 4lbs it should weigh 4lbs,” a user declared.

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Others claimed to have had similar experiences.

“Yeah I was a cashier at Walmart a few years ago and I would find this all the time,” alleged a commenter. “They could be the same exact cut and everything but the price would be wrong on one I would even check the weight.”

Further users simply offered “solutions” to Chad’s issue.

“I’m just scanning the cheaper one twice lol,” said a TikToker.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via its media relations contact form and Chad via TikTok comment.

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