Walmart customer shows shoppers ignoring ‘fast checkout’ lane to avoid subscription

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‘Nobody’s paying monthly for no stuff’: Walmart customer shows shoppers ignoring ‘fast checkout’ lane to avoid subscription

‘I just go to Aldi’s.’


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A Walmart shopper believes the chain is intentionally disabling self-checkout kiosks to create inconvenient in-store experiences for guests to have them pay for Walmart+ membership. One of those perks? Being able to scan items using your phone.

TikTok user Honest (@longway1217) posted a viral TikTok that shows him standing in line at a Walmart location. It is packed with customers he thinks refuse to sign up for Walmart+. He says that even though the store has shut down its self-checkout machines, no one is interested in paying a monthly subscription for the privilege of shopping at Walmart.

Are shoppers ignoring faster checkout?

“This is Walmart ever since they shut them scanners down, but you’re seeing nobody going to they little fast check out bro,” he says. “Nobody’s paying monthly for no stuff bro. What are y’all thinking? We will wait in this line.”

Honest added in a caption for the video that they were interested in knowing whether or not this approach has helped to cut down on stealing at Walmart stores.

“I really wanna if this makes theft go down,” he wrote.

In December 2022, Walmart CEO Doug McMillion stated that rising numbers of thefts in particular locations could ultimately lead to store closures. The following year, 24 shops shuttered their doors, The Street reported, with 8 total in Illinois (four of them in Chicago alone) along with Washington D.C.

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Many TikTokers have either joked about stealing from the “discount lane,” i.e. a self-scanning kiosk, or warned others that if they think they’re getting away with stealing, they aren’t.

In fact, one TikTok user stated that stores such as Walmart and Target will even allow shoplifters to steal petty amounts of items until the grand total of product values they’re walking away with overtime totals $750 or more so that they can be charged with “grand theft.”

Issues with Walmart’s self-checkout machines

The store’s self-checkout scanners have been the subject of controversy for numerous reasons over the years—some have warned others to double check their receipts as “glitches” might cause them to be charged money for nothing. As in there will be a code, and then a charge on the receipt, but it isn’t associated with an item the guest brought to checkout.

The TikToker’s mention of the Walmart+ monthly membership plan seems to indicate that the chain is now intentionally making standard shopping at its stores a more frustrating experience to influence folks to buy these memberships.

One Walmart shopper uploaded a particularly scathing breakdown of the chain’s “plus” membership, saying that guests are now being charged to spend money, which they found absolutely ridiculous.

However, others believe Walmart, in a bid to not cannibalize the self-checkout feature on the Walmart+ application, is removing these kiosks from stores. This means that if you got used to the convenience of not having to wait for a store associate to scan your items, then you’ll have to sign up for Walmart+’s $12.95 a month subscription plan.

Various viewers who responded to Honest’s video had different opinions on the self-checkout drama. One person said they haven’t noticed any pressure in their local Walmart to sell subscriptions.

“I’ve never seen a subscription for self checkout at any Walmart,” they wrote.

“I feel like people forget that Walmart is probably testing this in select stores cuz a lot of places are still free,” another echoed.

However, others said they couldn’t understand the outrage people upload about Walmart online, stating that if they are so upset with a retailer then they simply stop shopping with them.

“Or, orrrrr, hear me out,STOP SHOPPING AT WALMART!!!!!!!” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Honest via TikTok comment.

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