Walmart shopper questions online order pickers after seeing how her groceries arrived

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‘It’s because we’re timed’: Walmart shopper questions online order pickers after seeing how her groceries arrived

'Let me show you how dumb Walmart pick-up is.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Apr 15, 2024   Updated on Apr 14, 2024, 8:37 pm CDT

A woman questioned the process of Walmart’s online order pickers after each of her items arrived in individual grocery bags.

TikTok user Meg (@megelizzz4) told her 68,000 followers, “Yo. Let me show you how dumb Walmart pick-up is.”

She first revealed a bag of spinach. “First of all, this was in a bag by itself, OK?” she said.

It didn’t stop there. One by one, she unveiled the items she ordered: hot dogs, kiwis, and cucumbers. The items came in their own bags. She also ordered two packs of bacon, and each arrived in its own bag. “Why … y’all put the bacon in the same … bag?” she asked, angrily kicking the plastic bags.

“Hold on, it gets dumber,” she promised.

The content creator then took out a loaf f bread. “OK, y’all. See this bread?” she asked. She took out another loaf that was bagged separately, questioning it.

“I order a pack of Snickers. They gave me a single Snickers bar,” she said, laughing. To make matters worse, her eggs arrived cracked.

“Count your … days ’cause y’all dumb,” she remarked, frustrated. “And whoever … y’all got out there shopping for y’all, get … off the … floor ’cause who … doing this, bro?”

Meg flipped the camera to show all the bags in a pile. “Like, I got a bag for literally each … item. Who does sh*t like this?” she angrily questioned again.

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Meg’s video racked up over 429,000 views. Some viewers found the situation humorous.

“The single snicker bar took me out,” one viewer wrote.

“It’s the slamming the bags down for me,” another laughed.

Alleged current Walmart employees offered different explanations, claiming they are working under time constraints and with other pickers to complete a single customer’s order.

“I work at Walmart. They do this because different people do the picks. Someone does produce items and someone does meat and someone does frozen and dairy. If this makes sense,” one user explained.

“As a Wal-Mart employee it’s just easier bc were timed if u don’t want that many bags ask for no bags and bring your own and as far as wrong items turn off Substitutions also multiple ppl pick ur order,” a second stated.

“Well the shoppers are timed so it’s faster to just bag it and drop it than to get in the bin open a bag with an item and add to it. just be happy you got your stuff and didn’t have to shop it yourself,” another echoed.

One viewer offered Meg the solution of bringing her own bags “to save the environment.” Walmart rolled out the option for customers to bring their own bags that workers can pack their items upon pick-up. That solution would be a win-win for Meg and the environment as single-use plastic bags from the grocery store also have a negative impact on the environment.

According to the World Counts, only a small amount of plastic bags get recycled and usually end up in landfills and in the ocean. That means they are not just toxic to the environment, but they also have the ability to hurt or even kill animals that accidentally ingest them.

Meg declined the Daily Dot’s request for comment. We also reached out to Walmart via media contact form.

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*First Published: Apr 15, 2024, 6:00 am CDT