Walmart customer says she found mold on Great Value pizza crust while in the store

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‘My 4 years of working at Walmart I’ve never seen anyone purchase those’: Walmart customer says she found mold on Great Value pizza crust in store

‘Aren’t those supposed to be refrigerated?’


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A Walmart shopper tossed packages of Great Value pre-made pizza crust on the floor of a store upon discovering several of them were allegedly covered with mold.

Maria Lawal (@melanin_goddess92) blasted the chain for stocking the items and not removing them in a viral clip that garnered over 37,000 views as of Monday.

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In the video, Lawal records inside of a Walmart store, recording the price of prepackaged pizza crust, saying, “Finna take a firm video of this because OK that say regular Great Value thin pack, right? Now I’m finna to show you this sh*t. This is why I feel like this molded. This does not say nothing about no garlic bread, no garlic no, this is mold. They literally have stacks of pizza crust with mold on it in this da*n Walmart. That’s f*cking mold.”

Another person off-camera takes a look at the pizza crust package, which Lawal shows to viewers. On the back of the package, there is a dark discoloration that certainly looks like it could be mold. “That is mold,” the man says.

“Everywhere and it’s on all of them,” the TikToker continued.

“Take a picture of that,” the man off-camera says.

“I got a whole video of this sh*t it’s on all of them,” Lawal goes on to say while grabbing additional packs of pizza crust from off of the shelves. They too have the same discoloration as the others.

“It’s on all of them b*tches,” she says, tossing several packages of pizza crust on the floor. “Y’all dead f*cking wrong. Dead f*cking wrong. And these is all molded,” she says, grabbing more of the crusts off the shelf and then dropping them to the floor.

“And I’m not picking that sh*t up either,” she says before the video cuts out.

One commenter questioned why the pizza crust was in an aisle to begin with, asking if it should have been refrigerated instead.

“Aren’t those supposed to be refrigerated?” a user said. “I could be wrong but I coulda sworn my dad would buy em when I was a kid and they’d always be in the fridge.”

According to one commenter on a Stack Exchange forum pertaining to cooking, vacuum-sealed pizza dough bases must be refrigerated, as pizza dough isn’t supposed to sit out for more than four hours. There are also numerous other food-related blogs and sites that give instructions on the best way to safely freeze, store, and refrigerate pizza dough, even if it is vacuum-sealed.

One TikTok user joked that Lawal should’ve brought the dough home, pretended like she ate it, and said she got sick in order to get a payout from Walmart.

“You should have took it home acted like you ate it nd sued,” they said.

However, Lawal said that she couldn’t fathom doing that because she was feeling ill just by looking at the moldy dough, writing, “I kept gaging after that ain’t no way I coulda took ts home.”

As it turns out, there were other folks who claimed that they had problems with Great Value bread products.

“Yup!! I’ve almost purchased molded bread from Walmart and it was their ‘Great Value’ brand,” a user claimed. “The worker said it comes from another company.”

There have been a few pizza mold horror stories covered in the media over the years, like this one Mirror piece that states a Dominos franchise delivered a moldy pizza to a man and his five-year-old son. In 2019, the Iceland Supermarket chain got slammed by a family who purchased pizza dough, only to later discover it was filled with mold spores.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Lawal via TikTok comment.

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