Walmart customer shows how ‘value pack’ of items aren’t always the best deal

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Walmart customer shows how ‘value pack’ of items aren’t always the best deal

'Always check the math!'


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Posted on Sep 21, 2023

Everyone knows Walmart is a bargain. Whatever problems the superstore chain might possess, having the best value is baked into their business plan. Or is it? One TikToker is claiming that the larger “value pack” boxes are actually costing more than some of the smaller ones. Does the math check out?

TikTok mom bjones4545 (@bjones4545) is always on the lookout for a bargain. But in a TikTok she posted Wednesday, she claims that Walmart isn’t being upfront about the value of its economy-sized packages.

In the video, Jones claims that the difference between unit prices shows that you’re better off getting the smaller 10-unit box of granola bars than the largest-sized box of 48.

“These ones are a pack of ten, $1.78,” Jones explains to her viewers. “Twenty-four, $3.84, and then the giant box of 48 for $6.47.”

“You have to look at the unit price,” she warns. “15.9, 16.0, 14.8. These ones are actually the cheapest,” she says, picking the 10-count box with the cheapest unit price of 14.8.

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Unit Price refers to the cost per unit, measured in pounds, ounces, quarts, gallons, or granola bars. According to the Department of Consumer Protection, “Many people believe that larger sizes are always the best buy.” But bigger isn’t necessarily better.

If a “big box is $4.42 a pound, and the smaller box is $4.14 a pound, … the smaller box is actually the better buy,” the Department of Consumer Protection explained.

Here’s a helpful video from the WVU Extension Family Nutrition Program on how to compare unit prices:

Jones’ video has received 13,000 views so far. “Always check the math! I’ve noticed recently it’s often not correct.” viewer Amber and Oreo (@amber_and_oreo) wrote in response.

“They always do this. I had taken picture n posted strawberry said x amount n I was charged 10 cents more but x’s 1000’s of people that buy strawberry,” another viewer commented.

Another commenter complained, “Why is going to Walmart like a math test?”

However, some viewers claimed that even the unit prices at the store cannot be trusted.

“Don’t trust what Walmart says is the unit price. It usually is per ounce?? The 10 pack is 17.8 since they are 1.78. That 14.8 is if the box had 12,” one wrote.

“Do your own math w the unit price” fancypantsbelle (@fancypantsbelle) added. “Most of the time they r wrong.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email for a statement.

Jones posted a follow-up video on Wednesday. In it, she states, ” Someone pointed out in the comments that their tickets are wrong.”

“I actually bought something that cost more money because the ticket says it was cheaper,” she goes on. “So mad. Like that’s evil. Class action suit, let’s go.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jones via TikTok for further comment

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2023, 7:46 pm CDT