Walmart shopper catches fellow customer buying all the frozen pizzas, reselling them per slice across the street

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‘That’s like $1,000 in frozen pizza’: Walmart shopper catches fellow customer buying all the Great Value frozen pizzas, reselling them per slice across the street

'It’s difficult to mind your business.'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Apr 23, 2024   Updated on Apr 22, 2024, 6:49 pm CDT

Imagine you’re in line at Walmart, your cart filled with the usual groceries, when something unusual catches your eye. The shopper ahead of you isn’t just buying a few groceries; they’re buying every single frozen pizza in Walmart.

That’s exactly what happened to Francisco Corcia (@franciscocorcia). And Corcia captured it in a nine-second clip that has since gone viral. The video amassed over 598,400 views and counting.

The video, filmed at the Walmart checkout line, reveals a shopper ahead of Corcia purchasing an exorbitant quantity of Great Value brand Rising Crust frozen pizzas, priced at $4.44 each, according to Walmart’s online store.

The footage is accompanied by an audible text-to-speech caption, expressing Corcia’s astonishment. “It’s difficult to mind your business when this emeffer is buying up all the pizzas. And I’m not the only one offended,” it says.

Abruptly, the video shifts to a slow-motion shot of the cashier’s subtle side-eye directed at the pizza-purchasing customer.

@franciscocorcia Thats a lot of pizzas #Pizza #Walmart #walmartfinds ♬ Pizza – L. Comp. Project

Viewers speculate

In the comments section, speculation ran rampant as viewers attempted to decipher the motive behind the massive pizza haul.

One commenter pondered, “I always wanna know what they doing with the massive amounts dont care that they are getting that many just wanna know the story behind it.”

Another commenter offered a plausible explanation, suggesting, “it’s usually to sell at convenient stores for higher prices.”

However, Corcia himself shed light on the mystery, revealing, “He sold them at a car meet across the street, according to the cashier.”

Other commenters shared their own stories of encounters with customers buying in bulk, with one of them saying, “We have a guy who comes in during our yearly shoe sale, buys 9 carts worth of shoes, and resells them on Amazon for a higher price.”

Reselling for a profit is not a new phenomenon

The phenomenon of buying in bulk only to resell for a profit on Amazon is not an isolated incident. It seems to be emerging as a trend on TikTok.

Recently, a woman went viral after demonstrating how she made money buying jars of Miracle Whip from Ollie’s and reselling them on Amazon. In another instance, a woman admitted she quit her job to turn this side hustle into a full-time gig.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Francisco Corcia via Instagram direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Apr 23, 2024, 4:00 am CDT