Walmart worker exposes what happens when an ‘unavailable’ delivery item is actually in-store

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‘I swear some of the shoppers are SOO lazy lol’: Walmart worker exposes what happens when an ‘unavailable’ delivery item is actually in-store

'My shoppers don't even be trying man.'


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Posted on Dec 8, 2023   Updated on Dec 8, 2023, 12:08 pm CST

The job of an exceptions clerk is to look further into claims from their co-workers about a product not being in stock. According to Walmart exceptions worker and TikToker Tio (@tio_choco) there are a ton of employees out there who don’t appear to be trying all that hard to find the items customers are requesting.

Showing just how little effort personal shoppers are putting into fulfilling their orders for customers, Tio uploaded a smash-cut montage, which has since been removed, of some egregious cases of workers marking down items they said they couldn’t find.

In nearly all of the instances, zero leg work or extra scouring was conducted on his behalf to locate the item, suggesting that some of his fellow employees simply just didn’t want to do their job at that given moment.

“So I do exceptions for online orders which basically means the people who can’t find the stuff that you people purchase, I gotta go find. So today, I gotta go find KitKats,” he says in the now-removed TikTok, showing off an image of the popular candy bar on his handheld inventory tracker.

The camera then pans over to a shelf full of KitKat candy bars. “Would you look at that…but they hit item not found,” he says.

Next up was pre-packaged corn on the cob, but specifically a Birds Eye brand package containing 12 pieces of Extra Sweet Mini variety. Tio’s clip then transitions to a recording of the inside of a Walmart freezer section, showing pre-wrapped and shucked ears of corn that are ready to be cooked.

“Here’s where it’s supposed to be, but, different item there,” he explains. “But if you take a second, move this stuff out the way, oh look, here’s what we need.” He moves other packages of corn, from a different brand, out of the way to reveal the exact product that was requested by the customer.

Another exception Tio was tasked with was Deerfoams Cozy Comfort Women’s Rib Knit Chenille Scuff Slippers. Just like the KitKats, he moves his Zebra device out of frame to reveal an entire wall of the footwear hanging, just waiting to be plucked. He scans the tag on one of the slippers and confirms that it’s the correct item.

Looks like someone else said they were having difficulty finding Pop Corners in the store, which again, is a bit tough to believe as Tio was able to find an entire shelf of the exact variety in an easy-to-spot display. He proceeds to show a variety of different items throughout the video, all set to the Wii Shop theme, and in every case, he locates the item.

“These people really do not look,” he says while displaying a bag of Great Value brand Cantina style tortilla chips. He ends his video on a green Grinch t-shirt, specifically in a size large. He thumbs through the different t-shirt sizes until he lands on the exact size that the customer is looking for.

One viewer who responded to his clip said that they, too, have been informed items were available, only to head into Walmart themselves and easily find it.

“I guess my walmart don’t have someone with your position kuz THEY SWEAR they dont have things…. I go in and there it is in its spot,” they wrote.

Someone else said that working in Tio’s position isn’t exactly a great way to build rapport or respect between you and your co-workers. “Exceptions will make u hate everyone in ur department lol,” they wrote.

Someone else joked that they would probably appreciate Tio’s job because of their passion for calling out folks.

“I want that job because I get so mad at people at my work when they can’t find things that are in plain sight,” they said.

This seemed like a popular sentiment among those who work in exceptions.

“I do the same thing for my dept at HEB,” one said. “Shoppers hate it when I put personal shopper error. it’s my 1 joy at work to get them in trouble.”

Another TikToker wondered what happens to employees who report items as missing when they’re so easy to spot. “Omg I appreciate you and your job! Do they get in trouble if you find their items that they said aren’t there?” they asked.

To which Tio responded, “Yeah, management gets a report of all those items and associates who did it.”

Others appreciated that there are folks specifically tasked with checking claims made by other workers when it comes to locating products.

“How do we tip YOU and people in your position exclusively?!” one asked. “Because you are out here doing the lords work for us who place pickup orders.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tio via TikTok comment and Walmart via email.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2023, 3:00 pm CST