Woman in Gorilla Suit buying bananas at Walmart

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‘I’VE NEVER HEARD SOMETHING SO SCARY’: Walmart customer tries to buy bananas in a gorilla suit. It backfires



Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Aug 14, 2023

A creator on TikTok is going viral after her Walmart prank in a gorilla suit failed to go as planned.

In the video, user @synthb0nez is seen standing at one of Walmart’s self-checkout stations in a head-to-toe gorilla costume. While in the costume, the TikToker holds a ream of perfectly yellow bananas, playing into the commonly held image of monkeys and gorillas eating bananas.

It is a misconception that gorillas eat bananas—at least, not the ones we’re used to buying at the grocery store, according to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The article explains that the yellow bananas humans eat are not a natural part of the forests and habitats gorillas are in. However, when these fruits are left out for gorillas by humans, they will gravitate towards the yellow fruit and may even enjoy the taste.

It turns out even humans in gorilla suits have trouble accessing bananas.

In the TikTok, a loud siren goes off right as @synthb0nez attempts to make her purchase. Instead of freaking out about it, @synthb0nez remains calm and laughs about the situation. It is unclear if the alarm was set off by @synthb0nez’s prank or if it was just incredibly unfortunate timing.

@synthb0nez WHY DID THIS HAPPEN???? #fyp ♬ original sound – goofiest goober

“I was trying to buy bananas at Walmart in a gorilla suit and a fucking siren went off???” the text overlay on the clip read.

It is unclear what @synthb0nez’s prank was about. There are no other recent videos on @synthb0nez’s account to offer more context for the situation.

The video has garnered a whopping 4.9 million views and over 3,000 comments as of Monday morning.

For those itching to try the prank themselves, the bananas will run you a dollar or two, but a gorilla costume can go anywhere from $45 on Amazon to $420 from an online mascot suit retailer.

Despite the fail, commenters were supportive of @synthb0nez’s shenanigans and respected her reaction.

“I WOULDVE CRIEDD,” a person said.

“It’s giving that one terrifying traumatizing spongebob episode,” another wrote.

Many of the commenters compared the TikToker to Lillian, a character from the 1980s Australian horror movie Zepotha.

“Bro the way you look like lillian from zepotha,” a top comment read.

The Daily Dot reached out to @synthb0nez via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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*First Published: Aug 14, 2023, 10:18 am CDT