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‘They can’t keep getting away with this’: Woman warns against Walmart after ordering custom birthday cake

‘Malicious compliance.’


Stacy Fernandez


We can’t tell if Walmart’s bakery department is full of comedians or if they were genuinely confused by this woman’s birthday cake request.

When you order a cake, on top of getting to choose the flavors and frosting color, you usually also have the option to get a message written on the top.

Often, people go for the classic “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations.”

But some bakers have recently been having difficulty with the written decor requests, taking some instructions far too literally.

In a viral video with half a million views, Anam Rajani (@anamrajani) explains that she ordered herself a chocolate cake with white buttercream icing for her 24th birthday.

When it came time to explain what message she wanted on it, she wrote “White message on cake: “twenty-four” small in cursive in the middle.”

Now, you’d think when she opens the cake it would simply have “twenty-four” spelled out in the middle of the cake.

Wrong. While the cake decorator understood the first part of the message and used white frosting, the rest went over their head.

Instead, the cake literally read, “Twenty four small in survive in the middle.”

What a fail.

This isn’t the first time Walmart has made this kind of mistake. At this point, we wonder if employees are purposefully trying to be funny or if they have a direct order from corporate to write everything that’s in the message part of the order (even if it’s clearly not all meant to go on the cake).

In a viral moment just a few weeks back, a TikTok user showed that her cake, which was supposed to have “Aries Baby” spelled in small cursive letters in the middle, ended up saying “Aries Baby (small cursive, middle of cake).”

“Walmart, wtf is this???” the user said. She added that when she took the cake back to be re-iced the baker was unironically confused and seemed to genuinely think she wanted the instructions on the cake too.

While she was able to get the issue fixed, she later regretted (just a bit) getting the funny mistake corrected.

People in the comments section of the original video had mixed reactions.

“They’ve gotten in enough trouble for not putting what’s exactly on the paper. So now they do this and I love it,” the top comment read.

“Malicious compliance,” a person joked.

“Do ppl in the bakery department at walmart not have common sense or what,” another said.

“Honestly I love it and I would think about that cake for the rest of my life,” a commenter chimed in.

If, despite this ordeal, you want a custom cake from Walmart, they’re quite affordable, starting at $16 for one that feeds 12 people and $60 for one that feeds nearly 100.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rajani for comment via Instagram direct message and to Walmart via email.

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