Customer slams Walmart after bakery wrote instructions on top of cake

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‘It’s just common sense’: Customer slams Walmart after bakery wrote instructions on top of cake

‘Please tell me you didn’t pay for this.’


Natasha Dubash


A Walmart customer put the store on blast after she received a custom cake with her instructions written in frosting on the confection. 

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Peyton Chimack (@peychimack) posted her complaint to TikTok, along with photographic evidence of the cake she received.

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Using the image carousel feature, Peyton first displays an image of the cake she used as inspiration for her own cake’s design. The cake has white frosting, along with black ribbons and the word “thirty,” written in black frosting. 

In the text overlay, Chimack clarifies her instructions to the bakery. 

“I asked for the writing to be small, cursive, and in the middle of the cake,” she says. 

However, the simple instructions seem to have been misinterpreted by the cake decorator. In the second slide, Chimack shows an image of the cake she received from Walmart. 

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Although it is a white cake with words written in black frosting, the words on the cake weren’t exactly what Chimack requested.

The cake reads, “Aires baby,” and then is followed by “(small cursive, middle of cake),” which were clearly Chimack’s instructions for how she wanted the words to be written. 

“Walmart wtf is this???” Chimack asks rhetorically about her cake. 

In the caption, she recounts her reaction when she discovered the mistake. 

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“When I tell you my mouth dropped when I got in the car and opened up the cake,” she says.

Chimack received over 390,000 views on her post, with a number of viewers sharing their amusement at her predicament in the comments section. 

“As a cake decorator that hurts omg,” one person wrote. 

“The way it’s just common sense,” another said. 

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Apparently, Chimack’s cake wasn’t the only one Walmart had made a mistake with.

“This happened when my brother was a kid and he wanted a Tom Brady jersey on his cake and they wrote happy birthday Tom Brady,” a commenter shared. 

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“I NEED to know what goes through people’s heads while they are actively piping on what is clearly a note. are they really just like ‘Yep, perfect, no concerns whatsoever!’” someone else mused. 

In Chimack’s case, the issue seems to be with Walmart’s online ordering system for custom cakes. In another TikTok with 4 million views, a customer named Liz showed the step-by-step process of how she ordered the cake Chimack wanted. When it came time for her to add a message, there was no place to add a note, so she put the instructions in parentheses as Chimack did. The system also doesn’t show an actual preview of what the message will look like, so Liz was “just hoping for the best.”

Liz had better luck than Chimack and got exactly what she wanted. Thankfully for Chimack, she was able to rectify the problem almost immediately. 

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After one person commented, “I’m just wondering if you went back cause….” Chimack responded, “I looked at it as soon as i got to my car so i walked right back in and had them re do it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Chimack via Instagram direct message and to Walmart via online contact form for comment. 

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