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‘You gonna get him fired’: Customer shows off cook’s Waffle House taco hack

‘That’s crazyyyyy calling a Waffle House cook ‘chef’


Phil West


If you’re in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Chef Fish is working, you might be able to sample a Waffle House tacos hack that one customer is raving about.

The intel on the hack—which appears to be folded waffles with ground beef inside—comes from creator Jcorian Grady (@hot60y).

The video is geotagged to the Waffle House at 150 Three Springs Rd. in Bowling Green, important to note, since one commenter observed, “The funny thing about this Waffle House is across there bridge next to it there’s another Waffle House.”

The creator added in a comment, “Off Scottville road,” and should you find yourself there, noting Fish is there “only on weekends.”

It has more than 666,000 views since going up on May 29. In it, the cook brings over the dish, with the creator declaring, “Chef Fish! He the only one that do this!”

@hot60y @Fish #wafflehouse #wafflehouselegend ♬ original sound – Jcorian Grady

“Compliments to the chef!” one said.

“Keep Up Dat Goodness Bruh,” another encouraged.

“Looks like it smacks,” someone else assessed.

Others weren’t convinced of its charms, though.

“Damn that looks like ass,” one opined.

Another contributed, “Fancy prison food man.”

Once someone countered with, “And it hit every time don’t play.”

The commenter reconsidered the harsh take, saying, “As long as you’re intoxicated.”

At least one person intimated this was a hack that’s known but also forbidden among Waffle House cooks.

“You gonna get him fired,” another warned. “They tell us in training class not to make those,” the commenter added with laughing emojis.

But someone else declared him one of the “top 3 waffle house employees ever.”

Another thought “chef” might be pushing it, noting, “That’s crazyyyyy calling a Waffle House cook ‘chef,’” before adding, “no hate over here tho.”

Though the video doesn’t reveal what’s actually in there, one commenter had an idea about what would work best. “Waffle taco, filled with sausage and cheese that comes with syrup to dip.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Waffle House via email.

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