Customer has to change printer paper on self-checkout machine

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‘Vons should be giving us discounts for being a part-time cashier’: Customer has to change printer paper on self-checkout machine

‘I’m walking out if that paper runs out. And with my stuff too.’


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The rules of self-checkout are simple, but one Vons grocery shopper’s viral, humorous take on seeing rolls of receipt printer paper beside his self-checkout register sparked a conversation about employee responsibilities after he posted the video to TikTok.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 23,700 times since it was first posted, user Raymond Luna (@darkwingduk3) was unable to grab his shopping receipt after the self-checkout machine he used ran out of printer paper. Luckily for him, several new rolls of paper were stacked nearby.

@darkwingduk3 I know you dont gave to change it 😂 #fypage #vonsgrocerystore #groceryshopping #selfcheckout #fortiktok #fypシ #inflationcrisis ♬ original sound – Raymond Luna

“Not only can you check yourself out, but hopefully you know how to change the printing paper when it runs out,” the video’s text overlay read, as Luna panned back and forth between the paper rolls and his machine.

Users were quick to point out that there was no expectation for customers to replace the paper rolls in the self-checkout machines, to which Luna cheerfully responded that his video was simply a joke. “I know you dont [h]ave to change it,” he captioned the TikTok.

Other users played along in the video’s comment section.

“Who do we call to apply for vacation time?” one asked, to which Luna replied, “What’s a vacation?!” 

One viewer revealed that shoppers often steal printer paper in the store they work at in order to forge receipts. Another pointed out the high cost of thermal paper, making it even stranger that the store would leave it sitting out in the self-checkout section.

Luna’s joke also spurred a debate about what customers are and are not responsible for when shopping in a store.

One viewer seemed to have had enough of self-checkout machines. “I’m walking out if that paper runs out. And with my stuff too. They don’t put the customer to work for them.”

“Where’s my employee discount,” joked another, to which the creator responded, “Vons should be giving Us discounts for being a part-time cashier.”

“Next they are going to charge a deposit to use the carts, then when you return the cart you get your deposit back,” someone else predicted, before concluding, “Another position eliminated.”

“I don’t mind checking myself out sometimes, but the way the employees stand there and look at me crazy is what pisses me off lol,” another shopper shared about their experience with self-checkout.

The Daily Dot reached out to Luna via Instagram direct message.

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