Woman issues PSA after vodka redbulls land her in the hospital

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‘I feel like this is common sense…..’: Woman issues PSA after vodka Red Bulls land her in the hospital



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A content creator recently went viral on TikTok after warning viewers against drinking too many vodka Red Bulls, a caffeinated beverage consisting of the energy drink and varying amounts of liquor. 

In a recent TikTok, photographer and videographer Kail Erdmann (@kailchippp) said that 10 vodka Red Bulls and two Alani Nu energy drinks landed her in the hospital with a heart attack. 

“Stop drinking vodka Red Bulls guys,” Erdmann wrote in the text overlay. “Do not drink more than 10 energy drinks in a 24 hour period, you will have a heart attack.”

Erdmann recorded her video while sitting in a hospital bed, where she appeared to be a patient. Two of her friends sat in the background and waited. 

“10 rebulls and two alanis later… i am a cautionary kail,” Erdmann wrote in the accompanying video caption. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Erdmann via email. Her video had over 2.9 million views, with many commenters questioning Erdmann’s decision to have so many caffeine-laden drinks.

“I feel like this is common sense…” one commenter wrote. 

“YALL HAVE GOT TO LEARN BRO,” another said.

“what could possibly have warranted 10 energy drinks in 24 hrs,” a third viewer questioned.

Meanwhile, several other viewers said that they’ve also experienced unpleasant side effects after consuming excessive amounts of caffeine. 

“Omg brunched the other day and spent the whole day drinking espressotinis and have truly never felt sicker I am TRAUMATIZED,” one user shared.

@kailchippp 10 redbulls and two alanis later… i am a cautionary kail #vodkaredbulls #vodkaredbullchallenge #alaninu #collegegotmelike ♬ Take It Off – FISHER & AATIG

Health experts recommend drinking no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (the equivalent of about four cups of coffee or two to three energy drinks). In addition to heart attacks, the overconsumption of caffeine can lead to difficulty sleeping, anxiety, hypertension, and fatigue.

In response to a comment, Erdmann said that she consumed at least eight vodka Red Bulls in one night. “I’m guessing I had more bc I was drinking and don’t remember,” she wrote. “Then the following day I had two alanis, no alcohol. And then all the symptoms started happening.”

Erdmann’s video came as news of the effects of caffeine-heavy beverages like the Panera Charged Lemonade has TikTok abuzz with reports of caffeine poisoning. Panera’s drink was recently blamed for a second death, according to a recent lawsuit.

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